The life beyond my fantasy... Part 4

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    Sometime I catch myself thinking taht I ought to give up writing in this section as it is meaningless and stupid. But immediately I remind myself about the importance of opening myself to world.
    My father was very good man. He was real patriot. But what he lacked was making money. He was working abroad on meager salary trying to sustain his family. He was very intelligent, had great sense of humor, he was very caring. He was real dreamer. I am sure that he would sacrifice himself to make the world a better place. He was gullible and rushed to help everyone for free. Others were using and abusing him. I lived with my father for about 5 years in total. I really liked him. He had hidden charisma and he was very wise. I think he understood what was going on with others but he opted for helping them. When my father was abroad I missed him a lot. Even now I miss him. My mother used to complain to my father about me which was driving him crazy and he was rebuking me. He was a man who liked to fantasize. He was very funny. But last time when he returned home from abroad he was run-down and consummed. He had pains. We tried to help him. The doctors strongly recommended him to stay here and not to leave for Russia. But he left saying he had some unfinished businesses. Before leaving he promised to return and never leave me again. After 19 days he died in Moscow. His body was transported and interred in his homeland. He indeed kept his word. Sometime I want to hug him and say how much I miss him and how I am sorry for everything happened. He was always living in his mind. And I hope that in the Heavens he found peace he never found on earth.
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    Thank you for sharing that.
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    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life. I am very thankful that my parents are still living. I sometimes get upset with my parents that I don't talk to them for days. Reading this makes me appreciate them and helps me realize that we should value our parents more than we should...I know that this is off topic, but have you seen the movie Wild? It stared Reese Witherspoon. I saw this movie after I graduated from college. I highly recommend it. Stay positive my brother.

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    May his soul rest in peace
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