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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Brasshopper, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. Brasshopper

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    Does anybody ever lay down alone at night, in your bed, having slept alone for years, and just get really sad and lonely? Like, is this all life is?

    I need someone to share this life with, and I am doing everything I can to become an amazing man and make this dream a reality. In some ways, it feels like a world away, but I know it's not.
  2. I used to, until I found porn... :rolleyes:

    But seriously, I know where you're coming from. I think overcoming loneliness is a great rite of passage and a path for the brave and courageous. I think I used to feel lonely because the world around me told me I needed to have loads of friends, be with someone I loved and to have a happy family with them. To get a good job and live a certain type of life and if I didn't...then I was weird, different, a freak.

    What a load of rubbish. I was weird, different and a freak way before I had all that!
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  3. safa61947

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    I feel like that sometimes, OP, but is not a constant in my life. If this is something recurring for you, I suggest appreciate your own company and do not desire companionship until you can feel whole and happy on your own. If you do not like your own company, probably other person won't either.
  4. Mr.Tony

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    I've been sleeping alone all my life, I'm 28 years old. Never had a Girlfriend and Still a Virgin. Should I care ? Hell, No! Do I need a woman to survive ? Fuck No!

    I focus more on achieving my goals and success! I'm proud of calling myself a lone wolf!

    Stop comparing your life with anyone's - Everybody is different and Everybody started in a different position than you are, Either above you or below you! Accept it and Go after Success! Especilaly Finanvially freedom! I never seen someone with a Million Dollar complaining for sleeping all alone!
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  5. Brasshopper

    Brasshopper Fapstronaut


    I know a rich person that is complaining for sleeping all alone, money is not going to solve all your problems. I agree with the sentiment y'all are sharing, thank you. Until I become more comfortable being myself and living life on my terms, I will also feel somewhat lonely. I do believe I need to have friends and family along with me to have a great life.
  6. I'm starting to love the lone wolf title more and more by the day...
  7. I often pat the bed like some girl will be there one day, but after a bit I fall asleep.
  8. im_done

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    I discovered recently that I may be more extroverted than I thought. My best memories invole being with my friends and family. I hate to say it, but my positive (and very few) interactions with women also remain as bright spots in my life. What worked for me was this quote: "one womb, one tomb". I still combat thoughts of "i need someone!" but I think about how few obligations I have to others and how including people in your life can bog you down with unneeded responsibilities. Sincerely, a 23 year old man that has not seen real titties.
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