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  1. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Congratulations bro!!! But you can do better ;). Onward!!!!!
  2. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Welcome again to Hobbit rank my brother :). Yes, this time you will make 90 and beyond!!! We only stop at the fires of Doom. Let´s go my brother, one walk at a time!!!!

  3. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    don´t worry bro. if you had doubts, it probably hasn´t the time to aproach her. just keep improving yourself, do your thing.

    when the right time comes, you will know. because it will no longer be a matter of "need" but a matter of "want" ;)

    here´s another great video for you ;)

  4. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship!! :)

    Feeling tired and foggy today. on the last days my level of peace and confidence were roof high, unfortunatelly on friday night i open a window for a drink with the "pals". well, one drink on friday, turn out to be 2-3 on sunday, plus lot´s of sugary, so now i pay the price and feel like a pmo zombie again.

    not as bad as before for sure, my anxiety is still low, but very far from the optimum performance i was feeling on the last days :(. well, since i´m in withdrawal pain again, i commit myself yesterday to completely cut sugar and alcohol for 1 year of rebooting, with a level of vigilance close to the pmo addiction itself.

    i will only allow these substances, in minimum quantity, on Christmas, New year´s eve, and Easter. my commitment is for 1 whole year of PMO reboot.

    You are my witnesses Fellowship :). no more slacking, no more making excuses.

    Checking out. Have a great day!!! ;) :)

    "Quitting is the anti-depressant I needed. 9 months ago I was a 25-year old university drop
    out, working a job I hated and depressed. A few months after I quit porn, I got my
    superpowers. I did a lot of things for the first time, including kissing a girl within two
    minutes of meeting her and being invited to another girl's apartment. I think that I don't have
    depression anymore. There still are downhills, but nothing like before with no energy for
    anything and suicidal thoughts. My secret? In the last month I've used internet for maybe an
    hour. I have decided to start university once more in September even though I have to pay for
    everything myself."
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  5. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    Current streak: 532 days no PMO, semen retention

    How to recover after a relapse

    Since I remember I always worked out, I was in very different sports and always tried to achieve high levels of performance.
    I used to relapse max. 4 MO then I refrained because if I kept doing it, the practice of the sport I was doing will be hell and I would have not been able to perform because lack of energy and mental focus caused by too many orgasms. PMO was not sustainable, so I didn’t PMO out of need and survival.
    This helped me for 20 years to keep streaks of a minimum of 3 months and usually of 6-12 months.

    Conclusion: try working out searching high levels of performance
  6. Prophet Moonstruck

    Prophet Moonstruck Fapstronaut

    Wuhuuu! The weekend has passed and I moved over the 30 days! Feeling pretty good about reaching the big 3 0 again, unlike that time I reached 30 years of existence. Anyway, getting better and better. Cold showers are still a thing, the workout is hardly skipped, nutrition is kinda edgy and mind control becomes a thing again.
  7. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    You performed abortion??? What kind of doctor are you?
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  8. LuckyMan

    LuckyMan Fapstronaut

  9. EpsilonDelta

    EpsilonDelta Fapstronaut

    I’ve been sloppy with my check-ins lately. I feel the need to write details that may not be necessary to write everyday, more important to just check-in with a quick message to stay accountable if I don’t feel like writing an essay lol.

    So here I am, checking in to say I’m on the path and things are going OK atm :)
  10. logeyik

    logeyik Fapstronaut

    Day 69 ! Tomorrow is when I reach the warrior level !
    So blessed
  11. magopt

    magopt Fapstronaut

    Finnally I've arrived at Rivendell, I'm ready to become a Elf @RiseToGreatness

    Day 30
  12. Prophet Moonstruck

    Prophet Moonstruck Fapstronaut

  13. Onan the Barbarian

    Onan the Barbarian Fapstronaut

    Day 27

    Been dealing with some avoidance tendencies today. In six minutes, I am going to write for ten minutes, non-negotiable. Then, I am going to work on an application and send some things in the mail. About an hour from now, I'll meditate for a few minutes.

    Took a cold shower this morning, counted to 75, slowly.
  14. Revanthegrey

    Revanthegrey Fapstronaut

    It is working !
    I left instagram some days and is more easy to not have tentations.

    Staying alert
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  15. BloomWasTaken

    BloomWasTaken Fapstronaut

    Day 4

    Another good day! I've been so busy with work today I actually didn't get a chance to watch an episode of Squid Game like I said I would, but I'm not gonna abuse this chance by watching 2 episodes tomorrow to "compensate". Instead, this just means now I can use this strategy to reach a week instead of 6 days now, since I missed a day! I'm also gonna be much busier with work than usual this week which I see as a positive because it's just more stuff to keep my busy and away from PMO.

    I didn't have any urges today although I came across a few pretty strong triggers, luckily I just ignored them and keep doing whatever I was doing at that time but they have been popping back up in my mind every now and then so I need to be careful and mindful of those.

  16. MS PBH

    MS PBH Fapstronaut

  17. Day 7 complete! My streaks are inching upwards in length again; I'm very happy about this. Still, last time I was at 7 days, I fell again before I could reach Uruk-Hai. Not this time.
    Risetogreatness already shared some words, but I wanted to add my bit as well. You're never going to be 100% certain what the outcome will be. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing. The analogy I always used for myself is jumping into a cold pool at the beginning of a workout, but that may not work for folks who didn't do years of swim team. A cold shower is a close enough example -- it's one of those things where you just have to step in, pushing any discomfort out of your brain because you know the temporary discomfort is far outweighed by what you stand to gain. It sounds cheesy, but "just do it" has some real merit. You can do it, man.
  18. Christoph108

    Christoph108 Fapstronaut

    Thank you :)
    That scene <3 "I cannot carry the ring for you but I can carry you!"
    16 days
    This time I'll make it to the 90
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  19. Rubzi

    Rubzi Fapstronaut


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