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  1. the_wizard

    the_wizard Fapstronaut

    Checking in for day 6.
    Actually its end of day 6. Everything went well, did my meditation, finished a book I started 2 days ago. Even started a new book. Went out for a walk. Helped one of my friends out. Attended a working session, which in normal days I might have skipped.
  2. GreenManLeaf

    GreenManLeaf Fapstronaut

    Poof, poof, ahhh, a long journey lays ahead.
  3. ListenPaul

    ListenPaul Fapstronaut

    I am close to North, so probably I should answer that. But I am not sure I get the question. Sauna it's just a hot room with some steam and additional nature elements, if you like. It's a health thing. It doesn't have to do anything with nudity or orgies.

    Sauna is not a problem. In fact it is very relaxing and healthy. Hot sauna + lukewarm or cold water is a fantastic, especially in winter. On longer streaks it helped me to go through withdrawal stress. Without pmo I am not sure how to relax and sauna is one of the rear and healthy options to use instead of pmo sedative.

    Just don't mix sauna with alcohol and girls, and don't go to nudist saunas ;). If you use public sauna, find a time, when there is not much people there. Especially in covid times. Where I live people are quite reserved and shy, so in most occasions they cover their stuff - unless, again, there is alcohol involved. If there is possible nudity - men and woman are separated. In Germany traditions can be different but Berlin is a huge city - I am sure you will find sauna that suits your needs. :)
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  4. BloomWasTaken

    BloomWasTaken Fapstronaut

    Day 6

    Another good day. I had a very vivid dream that I relapsed which I 100% believed until I woke up and realised it was just a dream so that was pretty scary. Still keeping myself busy so I didn't have time to work out or watch Squid Game again. Today's therapy and first group accountability session went really well, it was really nice meeting everyone in the group.

    I had a couple of urges today due to visual triggers and flashbacks to previous visual triggers.

  5. 12ove

    12ove Fapstronaut

    Day 137, trod on!
  6. You're standing! That's what counts. You're a hobbit for more than two days now - you have accomplished something big! And hobbit is only the beginning!

    I mean it! In the real World these ranks don't mean anything. But it's your ticket FOR the REAL WORLD.
    I know that it's not unlikely that right now you are sitting somewhere behind your screen caught in the the ritual that we call pmo. However I hope that the counter is still up to date. I hope that you beat this day as well and whatever you do in your life, whatever happens, I root for you and for me only one thing counts: if you stay clean on day 17 you're doing great! This is excactly what the community does expect from you and nothing more: stay clean for today. That's all.

    Many turn to God. The thing is: we can't control, we can't know. Will this be my last time? Will I relapse in the future? How long will this go? We make plans all the time but we don't know shit. Although that might be true for everybody, addicts are especially bad at making realistic plans, at sticking to promises.
    So we must deal with it. (At least) control what you can control and deal with one day at a time.
    What the addiction will try to do: it will use this uncertainty to convince you that you can do it another time. The problem is the we, as addicts, can't handle uncertainty. We say 'ok, now I have messed up again. But from now on I'll stay sober and not even touch myself once until Saturday the xy when I've reached xy days, then I can relax a bit and from there I'll climb the next mountain.' - Dream on!
    That's why "one day at a time" is so important. And what it really means is that we can't effort to loose THIS one precious day. For a substance addict loosing this one present day could mean to loose everything. (We die slowly, very slowly, in a way. But (again: in a way) even porn addiction can be deadly.)
    We can't afford to loose this day. But at the same time we don't know for sure, that we'll stay clean on all the days.
    Having no control in the beginning, we must get in control of one single day. And with time we will be able to handle every day, even the hardest. It doesn't mean, of course, that we never look ahead of one day. Of course we must look ahead! But we don't need to take responsibility for what we do on every one of these days, but one.
    What will every one of us do in 20 days? Who knows! Statistics tell us, as addicts we might be using on that day. If you want to beat that statistic, if you want to be better what can you do? Do you focus on that day in the future? No, you focus on today!

    It's a bit like in the movie Groundhog Day, where one and the same day repeats over and over until Bill Murray gets his lesson. With the difference that Bill Murray needs to perform the perfect day just once to be freed. While we need to handle all the days, regardless if they are "perfect" or miserable or the "worst day of our life".
    But, as in Groundhog Day, the solution is not that we ourselves become like robots of perfection. Rather we need to learn to be authentic but also wiser than our old self, whatever life throws at us. And, as Bill Murray, we need to learn our lesson (whatever it is).

    In the end we'll learn to dance. It's a dance of life, it's dealing with life, but it's also a dance of prevention, cause we're dealing with addiction (or what has left of it) too.
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  7. Akeakua

    Akeakua Fapstronaut

    Day 0.

    Pent up feelings of frustration and unworthiness, confusion and cowardice.
  8. Redemptionisrequired

    Redemptionisrequired Fapstronaut

    This is the perfect time to introduce new neuropathways for relaxation , my friend. Take care of yourself during this string of challenging days, take extra rest if you need and don't beat yourself up for it. Mediate, listen to some calming music, just stay away from falling back into PMO.
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  9. LuckyMan

    LuckyMan Fapstronaut

    Checking in. Caught myself fantasizing, and realized that the worst temptations don't come from outside triggers, but from my own brain. So basically I am torturing myself with temptation, because my addicted brain wants more "pleasure". I am my own worst enemy. I have to keep focused on my goals, and stay offline when I am tired.
  10. Onan the Barbarian

    Onan the Barbarian Fapstronaut

    Day 29

    Good day so far. Did some writing and some mindful walking. Took a cold shower. Need more prayer.
  11. Redemptionisrequired

    Redemptionisrequired Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship friends!

    Day 338 free of porn and day 266 free of MO.

    It's been a much better week. I've been capable of exercising without issue and I'm doing well at work too. I had a challenging day yesterday but instead of harping over the situation, I just let it be and it faded away. I even meditated for about 20 mins before bed yesterday, it assisted in medicating the frustration and mild tension that arose. Throughout this journey, my awareness of the way I feel and my way in handling of my emotions has drastically improved. My brain has been recovering from the abuse I put it through, from both artificial and unnatural dopamine chases. I've also promised myself that the last year in my 20's would be spent off the hook of addiction, I'm about a month shy of my 30th birthday and realizing my goal and I refuse to falter.

    I'd like to share what has been on mind for a while, I think we must all understand this. It's during your roughest days, where things go horribly wrong, those are key moments where you must instal new and healthy habits to manage what you are going through. This is where the neural changes are the strongest. Notice that I said manage, not avoid. If we avoid, we never grow, regardless of the situation. I don't know about you guys, but I spent a lot of 20's avoiding. Last year is where I decided I had enough and the actions I've taken over the last year were a consistent notion of "no more". I refuse to run, no matter how bad i'll feel, because I know I will grow from it.

    I encourage you all to read about stoicism and philosophy. Here's a passage that resonated with me from Marcus Aurelius Meditations, which is applicable to the topic of my post today.

    "Now it is true that these may impede my actions, but they are no impediments to my affect and disposition, which have the power of acting conditionally and changing; for the mind converts and changes every hindrance to its activity into an aid; and so that which is a hindrance is made a furtherance to an act; and that which is an obstacle on the road helps us on this road."

    Stay strong my friends
  12. til_im_free

    til_im_free Fapstronaut

    After 43 days of no pmo, I relapsed :(
    Three times in a row, each one uglier than the other. I let myself fish at night and I was tired from the trip, without the will strength that was required to turn away from the urge, which lead me to P, which lead me to M. Woke up after that and relapsed again before showering because I was "already to much screwed and it wouldn't be that bad". Only now I can spot the lies in that sentence. Maybe it was a too little confidence that promoted a wrong mindset, cuz I just couldn't believe in myself through those 43 days, it seemed like a miracle, and not something that I was capable of doing. Also a lie, I can see it now.
    Anyways, I'm trying to see this as experience added to my baggage. I've restarted the counter already and I'm prepared to go again. For now, I'll focus on relaxing, meditating, cold-showering and exercising to fight back the chaser effect and to get back on track.

    Sorry to let you down, brothers. I won't give up until this cursed ring gets destroyed!
  13. 451 days
    49 more days to reach the destination:)
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  14. MS PBH

    MS PBH Fapstronaut

  15. Christoph108

    Christoph108 Fapstronaut

    18 days
    This time I'll make it to the 90
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  16. Talz

    Talz Fapstronaut

    I'm from Canada.
  17. Talz

    Talz Fapstronaut

    83 days – You enter the Dead Marshes, a swampland.

    Dreary and wearisome. Cold, clammy winter still held sway in this forsaken country. The only green was the scum of livid weed on the dark greasy surfaces of the sullen waters. Dead grasses and rotting reeds loomed up in the mists like ragged shadows of long forgotten summers.

    The lights of the fallen fapstronauts seduce many into oblivion. You stare at the water.

    Found a park where I could do some pull-ups today. I could only do one, then a couple incomplete ones. My goal is two sets of 12, so it's unlikely I can hit my target by December like I wanted to, but oh well. Other than that I did my usual squats. I find them a hard exercise but I'm getting better.

    The sauna talk gave me some temptation, but I resisted the pull of the souls of the dead marshes!
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  18. Rubzi

    Rubzi Fapstronaut

    Day 11 - Uruk-Hai.

    Last night was dangerous regarding p-subs, such as insta and tiktok vids. Going to block those off from now on.
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  19. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    467 days high king
    536 days no PMO, semen retention
  20. bob200

    bob200 Fapstronaut

    Day 18

    Crossing the Brandywine River! my first ever checkpoint in the journey. I would have added the iconic picture of Sam saying “if I take one more step…” but I’m lazy and there is so many other things I need to do today.
    So yes, this is my record and from now I’m on uncharted territory. But I’m still a long way from freeing myself from this addiction so I’m not going to let down my guard.

    @ListenPaul, thanks man, I guess that I just don’t need to go anywhere that I would only use for fishing… maybe next year I would be freer and stronger.

    thank you, I just don’t know how I can express how much you’ve helped me. I’ve woken up a little lost today and your words just gave me everything I needed. Thank you.

    You didn’t let us down brother, you are an inspiration! You’ve made it more than a month, it’s amazing. The hardest, bravest (and only) thing you can do to top that is simply understand what happed und lift yourself up to start the journey again with us. Just stay with us because as we all know, the next 72 hours would be the hardest.

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