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  1. Day 8 complete!

    Weird occurence, though. While I was sitting on the toilet I did have an emission. Everything was fine, nothing going on, and then suddenly my retention was broken. But there was no arousal, no action on my part, so I don't know what happened. I won't count this as a reset but I'll keep a close eye on my body for a couple days.

    Aren't these forms of motivation, though? Otherwise, what do you mean by that word?
  2. Rubzi

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    Day 22 - The village of Bree

    Almost succumbed last night. But said NO! in the last moment and fell asleep listening to my girlfriend sleeping.

    I deeply love her very much and will change this behaviour for her. My connection to her motivates me in life. But i still must be wary
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  3. Jeen149

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    Day 116 No MOing
    Day 1 No P
    Today I fall again for few minutes.
    1. Stop watching porn.
    2. Override from erotic thoughts.
    3. Make yourself occupied with other stuffs.
    4. Stop eating onions.
    5. Meditation
    Self-improvement is necessary. Moderate exercises, reading, meditation. It's all steps to block porn from crossig the mind.
  4. Talz

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    Largely the same with me as what you said. When the house falls down, it falls. I actually don't take cold showers, I should try more.

    I kinda like the day counter because it cements each day as a victory when I go to make the report that night.
  5. Talz

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    Day 1: Orc (The spell of porn is strong in you)

    An Orc once more. After my training at the higher levels, I know Orc will be passed quickly. It's a rank synonymous with huge urges though. Today hasn't been bad urge wise much at all, but my energy has been super low. Feeling somewhat under the weather and lacking in sleep a bit I think. Speaking of which, it's past my bedtime. Just glad to have cast off the cloak of the Nazgûl.
  6. modern milarepa

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  7. modern milarepa

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    478 days high king
    547 days no PMO, semen retention
  8. bmcmanansmith

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  12. newbobido

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    Day 0... Nazgul

    I’ve talked a lot in therapy today about this abdication. And somehow I just felt so much weaker after it and then I've just PMO again after that.

    That is just sad. He talked to me about how porn is kind of a small part of my abdication, and how it could easily have been drugs, gambling, videogames or any other addiction. They all work in the same way and in all of them the actual thing we do is just a symptom. The real challenge is finding the bigger problem underneath it all and find a way to fix our lives to the point that we don’t feel the same craving because we also feel that void in our lives.

    And I don’t know. It just made me sad. Sometimes this fight just makes me feel so weak and inadequate. Today one of my friends send me a picture of his new born baby girl that was born yesterday. And another friend send a message about a paper he wrote that got accepted to some science magazine and a third friend just got a promotion.

    Meanwhile I’m sitting here and trying to pretend I’m happy about a truly shitty job I got into. And I need to be happy because I was unemployed for two years and in a bad case of depression for most of the time in the past 5 years.

    I am grateful, but I just feel live I’m behind in life itself and that this fucking addiction is just one obstacle that I just can’t win against. And the promise land is right behind this thing.
  13. ListenPaul

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    Day 13 monk mode journey.

    I am revising monk mode rules a bit. I noticed that this streak is going much easier than one in September. I am not sure why. But I think it could be related to tea and other caffeine drinks I consumed in September. There is no winning using them. After drinking I feel caffeine rush and I am in risk of relapsing because I am in manic state and can talk or do nonsense. And after two-three hours I crash, feel low and there is a risk of relapsing because of anxious, depressive feeling. Also, my main time of relapsing is before sleep, when I can't fall asleep. Caffeine is no good for that either.

    I had this back and forth relationship with it. I stopped for a while, then I thought I could do it in moderation and only in the mornings. It seems that it didn't work. It's time to say bye bye. I am adding no caffeine life standard to my monk mode rules. It's like a declaration that I made up my mind and it is a big no in my life. I just leave a small opening for the cases, when it would be very rude to say no for coffee\tea and there is no other drink options at that point. But it happens like 2-3 times a year, so probably I shouldn't have even mentioned it.

    I have made a few other adjustments. Like instead of journaling I can do a focus practice or take a walk in nature to be with my thoughts and surroundings.

    I am sharing the rules below. There should be no mystery about what I am doing. Honesty to myself and others is a must on the way to recovery.

    Monk mode rules

    Rule number 1. Of course, no pornography, no masturbation, no orgasm, no sex.
    Rule number 2. No searching for sexually stimulating material, guarding my look in the street, on TV, on internet, etc.
    Rule number 3. Daily prayer.
    Rule number 4. Daily journaling (here or personally) or focus practice or walk in nature.
    Rule number 5. Following my day schedule. This includes going to sleep and waking up on time, starting and finishing work on time.
    Rule number 6. At least one hour a day of activities not related to work, this site or empty internet browsing.
    Rule number 7. Memory practise. I will relate it to my studies, so that I would save time.
    Rule number 8. No caffeine - no coffee, no black, green tea, no cola, no caffeinated drinks, no dark chocolate, etc.

    It is a reset, when any of first four rules is breached. I should follow others as much as possible.

    Journey continues...

  14. Bucketo

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    I’m sorry to hear that man. Although, I don’t think you learned nothing from this. It sounds like you still have a lot of baggage / emotional trauma from this previous relationship.

    I’ve noticed a lot of guys (and girls probably, we’re anonymous, who knows) on here talk about the external factors that lead to them PMO’ing. Oh, I watched a triggering movie. Oh, I didn’t do my cold shower or daily exercise. I think all those things are valid and good at helping with cravings. But at some point you need to look at what is internally driving you towards PMO other than simple lust. We’re all here because PMO causes problems in our lives, but we still go back to it. Why? What beyond the common nature of addiction? What is it doing for you emotionally in that moment? You say that you need to keep moving forward and not dwell on the negative emotions. I know it’s terrifying, but maybe doing the opposite would help you move forward. The next time you feel shitty about the relationship, just try to sit and observe your feelings without judgement. Just notice them.

    Im not your therapist, take this with heaps of salt. But I think it’s worth reflecting on.
  15. OttarrTheVendelCrow

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    Day 3. I relapsed and Md. I have thought hard about what it is I want my life to look like in the next 7 months and another 90-day rest is something that I would like to accomplish. I will push forward no matter what to achieve this as my life depends on it. With the support of all of you, I will be able to accomplish this. Let's do this!

    I am trying to update my ticker but it appears to have trouble changing
  16. Bucketo

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    Day 5 - Orc

    Well, yesterday was a rollercoaster. The morning was fine, went to church, had lunch with people, all chill. I started playing Metroid Dread in the afternoon (it’s super good, please buy it, I need Nintendo to make more of them lol). About 4 pm I started feeling really guilty out of nowhere. I had set aside this afternoon for gaming, I didn’t have any other commitments or responsibilities, why would I feel guilty about playing this game? It was really f*cking with my head, and I strongly wanted to MO, so I decided to get out of the house. Went for a walk, did some breathing exercises, was trying to calm myself down, but the guilt was still there.

    Finally, I wondered if this guilt was a resurgence of the shame I felt as a teenager about PMO and my body. I used to be really hard on myself back then for this kinda stuff. Like OCD level, pinching, slapping myself, low self esteem. In therapy, I’ve learned that in order to move past a trauma, you will need to bring up the old, suppressed emotions (in a safe environment) and just feel them rather than stuff them down. Feel them until they pass on. So I sat on a bench on an isolated walking path and cried without tears for a while, just feeling the full brunt of the shame and guilt. From what I understand of trauma, the emotions you suppress retain the age you were when you initially felt them. So I was experiencing all the shame and guilt of a hormonal teenager again. It was intense, and not really pleasant. But it also felt really cathartic at the same time. I had some smaller urges later that evening, but nothing like the guilt bomb in the afternoon.

    Still going, we’ll see what my mind and body throw at me today lol. Hope you all have a good day. Peace and love, God bless.
  17. Revanthegrey

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    day 1
    All right , i create a little cycle , time to beat it and reach more days
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