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  1. Ready to Stop

    Ready to Stop Fapstronaut

    Day 334 no PMO. Good day yesterday. Got a lot of work done. Closed up my accounting books for 2021 so that was a big stress release. As I mentioned I have been reading / listening to the book Every Man’s Battle. Yesterday I was listening to it in the car and forgot to turn it off. When we went back out later in the evening the book started playing with my wife and kids in the car. My wife asked what that was and I tried to simply tell her the title. She kept pushing so I said it was a self help book. I was telling the truth but obviously omitting the fact that it is about PMO. She is aware of my problems with PMO but has not asked me about it In years. I think she wants to believe I have this thing “all figured out”. Anyway… I feel I have to sneak around to do my recovery work until this thing is years behind me because that is what she already thinks. The whole thing sucks. I wish women could be more accepting that this is a problem that a lot of guys have (probably most guys) and not judge us so harshly. We are the ones trying to stop after all while most don’t even think it’s a problem. I just wish I could fast forward to where this was all behind me. One day I hope.
  2. Warthog

    Warthog Fapstronaut

    Checking in. Good to see people still on the challenge at different levels. Big respect to those coming back after a relapse.
  3. Anas778

    Anas778 Fapstronaut

  4. Dissolve_The_Ego

    Dissolve_The_Ego Fapstronaut

    Day 3 check in. I'm not working this weekend so need to keep myself busy so I don't stray.
  5. empty_001

    empty_001 New Fapstronaut

    Day 3
    I found this challenge today , i think this challenge will be a good motivation for me . SO , I'm all in .
  6. Chi405

    Chi405 Fapstronaut

  7. JEBF

    JEBF Fapstronaut

    50 days... I'm a dwarf now.

    I'm proud of myself for achieving this, and as always i'm quitting porn forever one day at a time.

    Now it will probably get more serious, i'm having more and more urges now, these next two weeks will make or break me. I believe i can make it.

    Strenght & Honor!

  8. stronaut2021

    stronaut2021 Fapstronaut

    Day 5. It was easy for me today we had a lot of activities at home. In general, weekends are easier for me. I just need to reach alive Saturday morning.
  9. stronaut2021

    stronaut2021 Fapstronaut

    I like it because it has many small accomplishments
  10. stronaut2021

    stronaut2021 Fapstronaut

    Go for it!!
  11. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    Checking in day 70. Good day, quite productive. Health wise feeling a bit rough now, some cold or flu got me again...
  12. LiveLifeInABetterWay

    LiveLifeInABetterWay Fapstronaut

    Check in for day 6 in the Lord of the Rings challenge. Today I had no urge to M. But on Wednesday as I had an off day. I relaxed to much and made a whole day chilling around, eventhough I had lots of things to prepare for today.

    Today I had some guest over for dinner and as well for playing some games, I tired my Lord of the Rings game out, was really complicated and I have to look through the rules again because we had to many questions to finish the game.

    But I don't know one of you might know this situation. I Knew there are guests coming so I was in urge of tidying everything. I was doing all the staff last minute and still I did not want to accept that I had to leave a mixed box. I just had not enough time to sort everything out, unless I would have started earlier. In this situations 2/3 days before everything should be tidy, I have some urges.

    I feel like a little child who can not cope with this responsibility she now has.

    Anyhow the couple who came today is one of the same mankind which also tides up there flat when guests are coming so they understood my problem.

    The food was well and we had fun while playing. It was nice to catch up after such a long time.

    I hope you had a good day as well.
    Greetings from a sunny town in Switzerland

  13. JEBF

    JEBF Fapstronaut

    Yeah i'm sick as well, i think it is flu. It sucks!
  14. kaerhal

    kaerhal Fapstronaut

    Day 22

    Went go-karting today and it was an absolute blast, I ache everywhere aha but the adrenaline rush was brilliant and had a great time! Minimal urges but still had a rough few minutes when I crashed later in the afternoon (mentally, not in the kart) - need to prioritise rest!
  15. Kairose

    Kairose Fapstronaut

    Day 170 I want to start primal scream therapy. Did anyone try it?
  16. 12ove

    12ove Fapstronaut

    Day 77, trod on!
  17. Day 1 complete!

    Sometimes after I reset, I go for a few days with no urges at all, and other times it is like I can feel lingering urges from the reset. Right now, I'm experiencing the second path. But that's okay, because these urges are not very big. They give me good practice for when the larger urges appear later.
    This is good advice; thank you!

    @JEBF Congratulations on 50 days! Strength and honor!
  18. MS PBH

    MS PBH Fapstronaut


    CALM IN SUFFERING Fapstronaut

    Day 40 complete.

    Weekends are easy to reset on. Had a dream with crazy amount of sex in it last night, it’s hard not to think about sex right now. I slept well, but an hour later than I am used to, hope I will want to sleep on time this evening.
  20. Talz

    Talz Fapstronaut

    Day 0: Nazgûl (You were once a man, a King, now fallen to the power of PMO)

    Today I restart my nofap journey with intent to eliminate my last remaining vice. If I can beat rampant alcoholism, weed and video game addiction then I know I can beat porn also. I will resume updating my progress daily in The Lord of The Rings challenge thread in order to maintain accountability. I'll also return to the duels to raise the stakes. With the support of the fellowship and the motivation I got from pitting myself against others in some of the more competitive challenges I once got to 90 days and I fully believe that no matter how many times I’ve slipped since then that I can do it again and go beyond. My main goal right now is to become a Hobbit for the 4th time. I am tired of falling back into the darkness of addiction and dawning the cloak of the Nazgûl. This time will be different!

    The webinars for my men's group concluded last night. My attendance was better than most, but after having been in it since May I am disappointed in my lack of progress. I need to increase my engagement. I spend far too much time lurking in the background, afraid of peoples judgement and thus life passes me by…

    Consistency has always been my superpower (when I have it) and is the ticket here. I have resumed working out five days a week starting today. I am a lot weaker after stopping for so long, but I can feel the pump in my arms from doing push-ups as I write this and it feels kinda good- somewhat painful, but good. My starting point is two sets of 25 push-ups (failed those, but still got the number. I had to stop for a second twice on the last set), two sets of 25 leg raises and two sets of 25 squats. I also do pull-ups in the park during my daily walk as I listen to an audio book. I only do three at this point. I am considering making the push-ups daily as I once did, but I’m not completely sure yet.

    As I just mentioned I’ve been walking and listening to at least a chapter a day of an audio book. I’ve been binge listening to “Your Brain on Porn” as it fits the theme. Today I went back inside after 40 minutes though, whereas every other day since I started doing this over the last week I’ve walked for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The reason being that my left heel is rapidly wearing out. Most of my socks have disappeared and the pairs I have left are badly wearing out in the back, this means my heel rubs against a part in the back of my boots and it’s worn the skin off; now it’s been starting to bleed the last 2-3 days. Normally I just keep walking anyway, but once I got to the point where I was limping I decided maybe I should finish the rest of the chapter at home because it was distracting me from the material too much. I’ll be on my feet all day at work for the next couple days, so that won’t help. When I have a day off on Tuesday I should go get some new socks as that should help.

    My living space is messy as usual. While that isn’t my main priority at this point it will have to be addressed eventually. The dishes were piling up and too numerous for the sink so I had to wash a bunch in the bathtub, but they are mostly done now. Yes… I know this isn’t good practice. Soon I’ll clean my disgusting bacteria ridden sink out and have it ready for use. I’m going to have to start doing dishes daily.

    My diet could also use some amount of work, but I’m not spending $50 on junk meals consisting of mostly chocolate bars like I was for a little bit. It’s been better though. Right now I am mostly concerned with getting enough protein to build muscle.

    The crypto market has really taken a dive over the last few days, so there goes a lot of my savings… for now. Seems like a good time to buy more. ;)
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2022

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