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  1. newbobido

    newbobido Fapstronaut

    Real question, did anybody here ever attended some 12 stap program?
    And if so, would you recommend it?
  2. kaerhal

    kaerhal Fapstronaut

    Day 207

    Today was quite spiritual; I’ve had a lot of positive conversations, and after an amazing seminar I’m beginning to see myself in a different light. I’ve always struggled to feel like myself in my church/work environment, and I believe God is now slowly moving me into a new restored sense of self.

    Urges weren’t a problem today, although I’m finding myself attracted to a girl I’ve never previously had any desire for. Nothing to bother my head about it right now though, I must focus on God.
  3. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma Fapstronaut

    Day 90
    @Kratos_GOW congratulations brother. Both of us became grey wizards:emoji_heart_eyes_cat:. Thank for everyone who help me to reach this goal:emoji_heart::emoji_heart:
  4. PeaceOnEarth108

    PeaceOnEarth108 Fapstronaut

  5. 10 Days -- I spend the night at the old Watchtower of Amon Sûl. PMO forces are lurking in the area.

    That's pretty accurate. It isn't the urges themselves, but still this voice in my head telling me that this streak won't last much longer, this streak has already gone on long enough, I might as well relapse and get it over with. No! That's not true! I want to do right by myself, by God, and by everyone who might be hurt by my addiction!

    @RiseToGreatness You've mentioned "the flare method" a couple times now. What is that?

    Guardian angels, pray for us!

    CALM IN SUFFERING Fapstronaut

    48 (16 hard mode) days complete

    I had a wet dream this morning. So yesterday I avoided many dangerous situations and no peeking happened, today I will continue. The morning is the most difficult to survive I will leave my phone before going to the toilet.
  7. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Thank you friend.
  8. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Man congratulation to you to. Let's announce to the urges - You shall not pass
  9. Rubzi

    Rubzi Fapstronaut

    Day 11 - Uruk-Hai, The Dark Tower Barad-Dûr
  10. Checking in - 47 days.

    My streak is 47 days long, it's actually a lot, I forgot to celebrate good things and mostly focusing on relapses,
    I know, it's not a 90 days but still is a great number.

    I'm still in the flatline zone, but things are better. I have more motivation to do things then yesterday.

    Also I need to to focus more on the reboot and not stress myself with work, since the reboot itself is pretty stressful thing todo.
    It's like being ill and do a heavy lifting at the same time it will get you into trouble.
  11. Ready to Stop

    Ready to Stop Fapstronaut

    Day 10 no PMO. Tomorrow I turn 45. I’ve got a beautiful wife, two awesome kids and a great job. I have plenty to be grateful for. Let’s all focus on the good and make it a good day.
  12. newbobido

    newbobido Fapstronaut

    Day 4,
    I'm with @Ready to Stop (and happy birthday brother)
    After years of trying to hide my pmo problems from my SO and letting it ruin my life. These days I'm honest with her, I have a job that I love and I didn't feel this good in years. Life can be good when we are brave enough to improve them
  13. Paul S.

    Paul S. Fapstronaut

    Congratulations to both! :)
  14. Redemptionisrequired

    Redemptionisrequired Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship Friends!

    15 Days Free of PMO.

    I had a stressor that occurred in my life yesterday, which sent forth some undesired urges. I'm happy to say that I managed myself well during that time of worry.

    The wins are not avoiding situations. The real wins are from coming face to face with the emotion or uncomfortable situation that is before you. Managing it effectively, not letting it build up. This is a huge part of how we overcome addiction. We must rewire the way we handle things and cultivate a new and healthier way of living, living in a real world.

    I had said this back at my previous streak and I will say this again:

    How long did it take you to become a porn addict? I imagine many years for most of us, quite a bit of practice. How do you overcome PMO addiction? Through study and practice.

    Today I become an Elf.

    Stay Strong!

    15 days :emoji_star2: The Elven town of Rivendell greets your arrival. A Council of representants explains the path to Mordor in detail. You´re an Elf now.

    @Baki Hanma and @Kratos_GOW congratulations on making it to grey wizard! Keep at it
  15. PeaceOnEarth108

    PeaceOnEarth108 Fapstronaut

    2nd check in today. Pretty good streak of 20 days currently. Why? Because I haven't been alone at home for 20 days. But today it will be quite a few hours and there is no way around it. Please send prayers in my direction, I could use them
  16. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Thanks my friend.
  17. Kairose

    Kairose Fapstronaut

    Day 356!

    Yesterday the two girls (they're twins btw) came back to my house. And again I was able to (even if I got a little aroused a few times) don't advance in a romantic or sexual way.

    I think God is showing me I'm strong with him on my side. I can control myself even on a hard situation
  18. Paul S.

    Paul S. Fapstronaut

    Well said! "Situations" is abstract word, but I think from the context I understand what you mean. We have to learn to not succumb to pmo, whatever hand we are dealt. Surrounded by people or alone, having lots of work to do or lazying around, healthy or sick,...

    That's why when I am extra busy with work or studying it feels like cheating to me. I don't have time at those days to even think about pmo as a possibility. And when stressful period is over I succumb to pmo first thing, because I am not prepared to fight at all. That's why strategies "to lock computer in the basement in the evening" rarely work, because that's not natural anymore, in some sense.

    Or when I had roommate, I would relapse just on weekends, because I had no strength to fight, when he was gone to visit his parents.

    The Desert Fathers took your philosophy to extreme level. They went to live in the desert, where are no distractions from the mental fight. Prayer, meditating on scriptures, reflection, some work to sustain their minimal lifestyle was all they had. You would think that it was easy for them because there were no women around. It was almost the opposite. When there is almost no distractions to the mind (even the nature is very minimal in the desert), no quick dopamine fixes, where would your mind go and what would you do, when it goes to lust? There are no other choices than to face it and fight. And when your fight, battle by battle you become stronger.

    So, yes, when we are "face to face" with our emotions, ourselves, that's when we grow. It's not constantly distracting ourselves with work, or friends, or games, or food, or thousand healthy habits... It's letting the life flow and, as you said, managing situations effectively.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2022
  19. Paul S.

    Paul S. Fapstronaut

    Day 17 / 1000.


    Or am I wrong?
    I missed it so -
    This feeling,
    Which reminds me


    {:emoji_zap:, :emoji_notes:, :emoji_chains:, :emoji_running_shirt_with_sash:}

    Stuff that should help to not pmo:
    1. No internet for recreational purposes until 6 pm.
    2. Waking up on the same time every day.
  20. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    It´s a method developed by Mark Queppet (Universal Man). basically it´s about purifying a strong urge. An urge for porn is deep down a desire for something good (excitment, well being, peace, etc) but we have conditioned our brains to do a bad thing (PMO) in order to get (apparently) good results: happiness, relief, pleasure, etc. But since PMO doesn´t work for that, just like any other drug, you have to purify that desire. Cleanse it.

    so when you feel triggered, follow the steps:

    - connect with the black hole of craving (right in the center of your chest)
    - What do you feel? "i feel sad, tired, hurt, etc i feel like shit". What do you want? "Porn!"
    - Ok, but deep down, what do you really want? "Peace, pleasure, excitment, etc"
    - Purify that desire. First recognize that porn is not a solution, in fact is part of the problem. Then draw an action plan to achieve the state that you want, without resorting to porn. "Ok, how can i feel XYZ in a proper way? How does the man that i want to be acts in this situation?"
    - Do some simple relaxation exercises to calm the body (streches, slow deep breaths, etc...)
    - Engage in the plan ;)

    it´s very important to connect with the black hole in moments of craving. listen to yourself, you´ll be surprised! ;)

    i hope this helps :)

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