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  1. i89rt5

    i89rt5 Fapstronaut

    @SSS Vision That's a very mature and excellent attitude and perspective about nocturnal emissions - a natural male physiological phenomenon, just like female's menstruation cycles before they hit menopause.
  2. Anew2019

    Anew2019 Fapstronaut

    28 days no PMO. Record set! Woo hoo! Was listening to music last night. Music is so much more beautiful now. This is my favourite piece of music. I made me ugly cry last night. Lol i have never cried like that for a piece of music. It is so beautiful. I always thought it was beautiful but it is so much more beautiful now.

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  3. kaerhal

    kaerhal Fapstronaut

    Day 223

    Today has been difficult; I can’t complain about work or the day itself, but hearing my neighbours yesterday has triggered the chaser effect and I’ve been struggling with urges all afternoon and evening.

    I ended up downloading a dating app and just scrolling through faces, I think because I wanted to indulge the idea that I could start messaging girls to hook up with after my new bout of self-confidence, but after a short while I deleted the app. To me this behaviour is basically fishing, looking over the edge of the cliff as it were and considering what it would be like to jump back in the ocean of PMO.

    I realised I didn’t like what I saw, I don’t want a causal relationship, and I don’t want to relapse. It’s not been a great day mentally because of the chaser effect, but tomorrow I continue with a new strength and determination.
  4. 253 days

    I was absent some days I did another 7 days water fast and wanted to focused on that. Everything good, no urges and mind very sharp and focused.

    "If devil is not tempting you, worry because it means he has you hooked, but if he is tempting you be glad because it means you are doing something good and he doesn't like it"

    Denzel Washington
  5. Day 0. Relapsed.

    I didn't actually look at anything appropriate, but I was engaged in full-on fishing behavior, throwing all kinds of things at my blocker and forcing it to catch them. That was what put me in the mindset for succumbing to MO later on in the day. I've been making an effort to contact my AP more regularly, even multiple times a day, and that helped me keep the streak going for a little bit longer. When I stopped talking to him is when I ran into trouble. The early days go by so slowly, but I can do this. I can do this.

    Pope St. Gregory the Great, pray for us!
  6. PeaceOnEarth108

    PeaceOnEarth108 Fapstronaut

  7. SRtend7777

    SRtend7777 Fapstronaut

    Day 7 edged a little saw hot athletes on youtube and now I have strong urges to relapse can not get it out of my mind
    I have come out of my house to avoid relapse.

    CALM IN SUFFERING Fapstronaut

    64 days complete

    I am never alone lately. So I can't really tell how I am doing PMO wise. But I give in to temptations to look at women lustfully in real life and sometimes in social media.
  9. Mending Ailment

    Mending Ailment Fapstronaut

    Starting day five. I enter the village of Bree.
  10. 63 days,

    Had a tough day PMO wise, a lot of triggers and also urges, I would try to learn more about reboot, and will try
    to communicate with my addicted sub personality, it helps a lot.

    I've took 2 cold showers and also done a workout, but urges to check girls are still there, I need to do smth about it
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  11. Ready to Stop

    Ready to Stop Fapstronaut

    This is almost exactly how I used to feel every time I knew my wife would be out of town. The only other thing you did not mention is that I would also get mad at her for “abandoning” me and that would also give me another reason to PMO. Start developing your plan now on how you will get through it. Plan to visit people or at least get out of the house. Plan to put your phone or laptop in the other room. Ask your accountability partner to check in with you daily. Don’t wait until she is gone to figure this out. Start planning now and you can succeed.
  12. Ready to Stop

    Ready to Stop Fapstronaut

    Day 26 no PMO. I head out of town for a few days starting on Monday so I need to start making my plan now. Being in a hotel all alone has always been a huge trigger for me.
  13. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

  14. IveWastedMyTime

    IveWastedMyTime Fapstronaut

    Hey brothers and sisters
    the last two days Ive relapsed. Im not proud and was so ashamed that I didnt call back yesterday.

    I thought love would be able to keep me away from porn. But it didnt before. Its my self love that would. And my habits. I dont want the past to happen again, where porn was 1 behavior which contributed to the break with my (now) ex girlfriend. The (new) girl (I talked about her lately a few times) and I talked about us and came to the conclusion that we are in a relationship now.
    I always tried to avoid that "brand mark" as long as possible but now Im not the same person I was before. I can take responsibility (to be in a relationship) and change myself. I know that because I did already. But this PMO habit. I know it stands in the way to have a good stable and long term relationship. I wasnt secure if I ever wanted to have one again. But know I know.
    And thats one main reason more to quit porn. BUT a reason more to blame myself aswell (when I fail again).
    I dont want to but sometimes it still happens. Yesterday it was like this and then the next relapse by chaser got me.

    One thing I havent tried yet is the following:
    restrict/avoid computer times in general....
    that would mean I will post less here .. maybe not frequently anymore... but I only relapse if Im online... when Im doing things online at a device or computer laptop or else... relapse is only a few steps away (always the same).

    SO I wanna try sth new..
    Intead of restricting series, games, etc. Im going one step above and restricting device and computer time now.
    Im doin' many important things (writing, things for university, recording of musical song-projects,sorting,day plannin,...) on my computer but maybe I need to put them to a minimum as well for a while to form the right habit (=less computer=less relapse)

    that means I wont call back every day anymore
    I will track my progress though
    but I try to be only 2-3 days/week online or on the computer now and if Im online i will set the alarm to go offline again as fast as possible. 1 activity and off again.
    Wish you all the best. See you soon. Hopefully with a bigger streak and more motivation and focus again!!!

    Greets out!
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  15. Redemptionisrequired

    Redemptionisrequired Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship Friends!

    31 Days Free of PMO.

    Eager to be done with the lingering Vertigo symptoms. I am ready for a new day, today I will focus on reading, meditation and exposure.

    Stay Strong!

    @Baki Hanma Congrats on achieving King!! Keep at it.
  16. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Perks of living in the countryside. You get to see clear weather with full moon many times.
    Checking in another day.
  17. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    bro, edging is not allowed in the challenge. you got to reset the counter. thank you.
  18. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma Fapstronaut

    Day 106
    Hey brothers, I have a little question . I don't know difference between semen retention and NoFap . I couldn't find solid answer for that problem. Good night brothers!

    @Tilopa Nice to see you again brother:emoji_heart:
  19. LLOYYD

    LLOYYD Fapstronaut

    Semen retention is holding onto your sperm without releasing whether it's from masturbation or sex. No ejaculation. And NoFap is no masturbation.

    As far as my streak for Semen retention/NoFap, I'm on Day 20 despite of me viewing porn (intentionally/unintentionally). I have kept my sperm. So since I am following the rules of the challenges, I am on no PMO now. No porn viewing along with Semen retention/NoFap. No PMO equals all in one package basically.

    Now I am on Day 12 no PMO challenge over here and other challenges that I am doing.
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  20. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Checking in my friends!

    Opposite day of yesterday, withdrawal is big upon me today. luckly just a couple of hours left until i begin vacations. boy, i do deserve them :(

    fatigue has gone to a level that i almost started fishing. that´s when i knew i was pushing myself too much. so i´m just go do my mandatory stuff, and relax for the rest of the day.

    Nothing more to add brothers. Have a great day!

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