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    CALM IN SUFFERING Fapstronaut

    Maybe you guys know how to bring back my timer into the signature, it's gone for some reason?
  2. 59 days,

    Yesterday I've watched some stupid TV program for a few minutes, and there was some half naked girl, and I couldn't stop watching and I haven't switched the channel, fortunately it was just a few seconds, but it got me triggered, so today I will try to reflect on this, watch my thoughts and don't allow my addicted sub personality to overcome me.

    Stay strong

    LLOYYD Fapstronaut

    Day 8

    PMO hunters are coming after me.
    Running away from Nazguls giving me small urges again.
  4. Ready to Stop

    Ready to Stop Fapstronaut

    Day 22 no PMO. Had a lunch with a large group of people that I’m not super comfortable around and my social anxiety was super triggered. I get so caught up worrying about what new people think of me. No urges to PMO but just not a great day for me.
  5. Redemptionisrequired

    Redemptionisrequired Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship Friends!

    27 Days Free of PMO.

    Some stress evoked an urge/flashback last night and induced some anxiety but I managed it. I have a headache, (I assume lingering vertigo symptoms /humid weather).

    Today's plan, meditation, exercise, light reading and work. I will forego the exposure for today, albeit frustrated that I am.

    Stay Strong!
  6. i89rt5

    i89rt5 Fapstronaut

    day 10

    check -in. I'm determined to make today a clean day
  7. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Day 103. Checking in. Next up is "THE KING"
  8. Paul S.

    Paul S. Fapstronaut

    Day 29 / 1000. Last try.

    I am not sure, if I want to write now. Why I am so rarely sure of things? :D But as I try to remind me over and over it's the last try, so what am I saving myself for? Am I saving the space on some distant spooky server? If this doesn't work then, at least I tried.

    Overslept tragicly today. I think it's due to rain. :emoji_thinking: But I shouldn't be perfectionistic. If the day starts on the wrong foot, that doesn't mean it's ruined and I can't do anything good. I already did some good. Exercised, went for a short walk, went to the church for prayer... But then I fell to the stupid internet browsing. I am in malicious automation cycles recently. End of August and September will be very stressful for me, so I think I am escaping thoughts of that. But that's another topic.

    Every day, when I wake up I mark on the paper, which day of the streak it is. In the same place I mark my relapses. August is never good for me. August 2020 I pmo'ed 17 times, august 2021 I pmo'ed 8 times. I would like this August to be 0. But inside I have this feeling of mistrust again. So what if I want that? It doesn't mean that I'll do that. Will my body and my hormones let me do that? I hope yes, but I don't have any experience of mine to back this hope. I wanted simmilar stuff many times. It didn't happen. Being hopeful and determined is nice, but what will I do when determination ends?

    I am doing nofap almost 5 and a half years, so don't blame me for wanting closure. It has to be one or the other. It's either
    a) hardmode is possible for me, but I really suck at it;
    or either
    b) hardmode is not possible with my current phisiology and hormone levels, so I am just chasing wild geese; and all these abstaining cycles are just new regulation cycles in my brain.

    I'll not know on this earth. All I can do is keep going and be serious about this. Journey continues...

    {:emoji_zap:, :emoji_notes:, :emoji_chains:, :emoji_running_shirt_with_sash:,:emoji_horse:}

    Stuff that should help to not pmo:
    1. No internet for recreational purposes until 6 pm.
    2. Waking up on the same time every day.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2022
  9. Anas778

    Anas778 Fapstronaut

  10. Dominikfhj

    Dominikfhj Fapstronaut

  11. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Congratulations brother!! Let´s go!! keep up with me :)
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2022
  12. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Excellent mindset bro. Keep it up!!! :emoji_muscle:
  13. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Not sure why it´s gone bro. but try to replace it. Go to "update day counter" and put the data again. i think it will reappear on the signature ;)
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2022
  14. day 1

    today Bilbo gave me Sting. hello Fellowship, it's been a while since I've been on here. But I think I'm quite ready for another adventure. let's start over, shall we?
  15. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship!

    Another withdrawal day, i will spare you the details :D. Anyway i try to do my chores despite the hardship.

    about the hardmode streak and my attempts to be a better husband, another thing that i´m currently doing it´s implementing weekly candlelight dinners :D :). And the more i learn about that, the more it seems like these romantic dinners have an art and elegance of it´s own. It´s not just seat and eat :D. there are lot´s of little details and nuances that makes the difference.

    i will share with you what i discover. for now, let me just say that: i´m 41 and never had a candlelight dinner in my life! :D

    Have a great day mighty Guild! Checking out.
  16. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    beautiful song man. You have a great taste in music. Really great!
  17. SSS Vision

    SSS Vision Fapstronaut

    Day 26 check in. Days PMO-free in 2022: 212 out of 220.
  18. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

  19. Hi guys,

    60 days today.:emoji_champagne_glass:

    Interesting thing happened to me, I went to the restaurant with my wife and my mother.
    Our waitress was quite cute. We were sitting outside and when I went inside the restaurant to pay for the dinner,
    the waitress started flirting with me very noticeable, I think I would get her number without a problem but I've just smiled and payed my the food.

    So the women attraction is real I would say. Also I'm more confident.

    60 days – On your path you meet Treebeard, the oldest of the Ents. He offers you Ent-draughts, magical waters from Fangorn ladled out into a large bowl. As you drink, the waters bring refreshment and vigour to every limb of your body.

    Quest Magic – Ent-Draughts :emoji_tea:
  20. Paul S.

    Paul S. Fapstronaut

    Thank you! It's just some musics I can resonate to. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Good to hear you can resonate too.

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