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  1. Julito

    Julito Fapstronaut

    Day 5
    I suffered some withdrawl symptoms yesterday but I handled them well.
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  2. Julito

    Julito Fapstronaut

    Hola hermano!
    Te aconsejo que busques toda la información posible acerca de cómo dejar esta adicción, porque, aunque parezca simple, es un proceso que tiene muchas sutilezas y matices. El primer consejo que te yo te daría sería que pensaras bien e hicieras una lista con las razones por las que quieres dejarlo. Eso te ayudara en tu camino. Animo hermano! Saldremos de esta mierda!
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  3. Bart31

    Bart31 Fapstronaut

    Day 14. Last day as an Uruk-Hai!
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  4. greenTree

    greenTree Fapstronaut

    Due the coronavirus and quaarantine I deceided to make my life more creative and do more things so lets get started.

    Here is my list of Pros and Cons of Staying watching Porn which I created like 1 or 1.5 years ago :)

    Pros :
    - I know where am I and I know it is my comfort zone (feeling of safety)

    Cons :
    - My depression is going to grow
    - lack of perspective for change
    - I gonna still be weak and tired
    - Staying in the comfort zone will not foretell anything good
    - The future probably is going to be the same as my Present and Past
    - no friends
    - no girlfriend
    - Little libido, energy and motivation to do something great in my life
    - Low confidence
    - Weak performence on GYM and mediocre poker player
    - Lots of time wasting on video games, internet, movies but I remember times when I was doing nofap for more than 3weeks + I rly didnt even wanted to waste my time for games due the very simple cause : it wasnt giving me any resource in Longterm and I was very sure this.

    The number of cons and their power is so strong . After reading something like this you should be motivated to getting started.
    I also made a list of Pros and Cons of Quiting watching porn which gonna write down here in a moment. Tell me what you think about it!
  5. greenTree

    greenTree Fapstronaut

    Quit watching Porn:

    Pros :
    - I feel much better, strong with a lot of energy, motivated
    - I am wasting much less time
    - I am not brainwashed and I play poker much better (by brainwashed I mean difficulty with focus or beeing in present due overdose porn, games or internet = when u do things on autopilot)
    - I am much more focused on HERE and NOW
    - no mood swings
    - I am very cheerful and I have good connection with other people
    - I am very self-confident and I work a lot
    - Back to the natural relations : I build friendships and have much more time for them when before I often wasnt interested in keeping touch with my friends due lack of motivation to do it.
    - I have much better relations with people
    - If I really want to change my life and others then I feel I have to do this (nofap) There is no other way.

    Cons :
    - It gives me a momentary pleasure, however my conscience hurts due this really much.
    - I can make me feel better when I have bad time, feeling bad or I am bored. also I like doing this whenever I am tilte to make myself temporary happy or at least satisfied.
  6. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    very true, when we are up, the addiction is down. when we are down the addiction is up. that´s why is important to have a triggers plan and keep it active no matter. in many streaks i had moments of sheer confusion, fatigue, sickness and many times it was my triggers plan that save me from disaster because the willpower was extinct. try to see how a triggers plan could prevent you from reaching a dangerous situation. in the next days you will thank so much for not relapsing before.

    it´s garanteed, whenever we feel blurry, the first thing we think, it´s pmo.
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  7. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Welcome to Middle Earth brother. Let´s do this!!!!


    viagem 2.jpg
  8. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    excellent list brother!! that´s it :). maybe adding another argument to the pro´s of quitting porn:
    i´m not free, as an addict, i can´t control pmo usage.

    that´s a very powerful argument and help puts things in perspective.
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  9. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    28 days my brothers. Rivendell is in sight ;)
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  10. You'll lose bruh, give up on 1v1 vs me I'm gonna make it to the +500

    (Just wanna have it as a motivation from me haha)

    Let's see who's the legend ... :D
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  11. belio123

    belio123 Fapstronaut

    Checking in for day 38!
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  12. Starboii

    Starboii Fapstronaut

    Day 4 here
    Sorry for not writing recently, helped my family a lot in last time
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  13. Day 8. This time, I'm going to get to day 9.
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  14. CLaYFiRC

    CLaYFiRC Fapstronaut

    Day 2: Still feeling tired and a bit sick. Ended up spending most of today in bed. When I did come downstairs, I just spent the day playing a video game. Not a productive day, but I needed the rest. Hope tomorrow I feel better for Easter. Stay strong!
  15. aggressiveturtle

    aggressiveturtle Fapstronaut

    Day 6. Almost messed up a few times. Caught myself looking but quit right away.
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  16. Humming bird

    Humming bird Fapstronaut

    I just had wet dreams last night. I don't know if it counts as a relapse or not. I don't remember what that dream is.
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  17. No, wet dreams don't count as a relapse. It's not something you have any control over. Congratulations on two weeks! Keep going man
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  18. Julito

    Julito Fapstronaut

  19. Yep,I was right. People have testosterone and estrogen analyzing system inside their bodies.
    I had to go out for something and noticed people paying attention to me, especially girls.
    I was curious to know. Yep, I'm getting a lot more attention than when I wasn't clean. Despite the fact, I don't give any shit to attraction thingy anymore, BECAUSE I do it for the sake of my own mental state/my personality/HORMONES BALANCE*** which has got neglected all the time.

    I simply F.ed my body and brain with porn/ unstable level of hormones/every thing was out of control. Now, gradually I'm getting back to my optimal mental/body state.

    NOT because I left porn. I STILL WATCH porn but not for joy, but analyzing why/under which circumstances I'd fancy to do some things and to know why a body can be triggering and to find the exact reason and try to control my subconscious mind.

    Now I find my self able to control my subconscious mind, that was a tremendous victory.
    More than leaving porn, I'm hardly trying to change my mindset and have control on my subconscious mind, to only let specific stimulus operate that I want.
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