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The Lord of the Rings Challenge

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by RiseToGreatness, Sep 22, 2019.

Should the Thread Title be extended?

Poll closed Jun 21, 2020.
  1. No, leave like that: "The Lord of the Rings Challenge"

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  2. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Fellowship of Nofap"

    15 vote(s)
  3. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: Rising Fellowship of Eärendil"

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  4. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Journey to Mount Doom"

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  5. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Quest of the Ring-bearer"

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  1. Still on Day 0
    Well, this hobbit has prepared his travel luggage by now and so have his friends. Now we depart from Hobbington "heading for Bree"

    Traveling means less comfort and distractions.

    1. No media in my bedroom
    2. Bed for sleep only - no (p)laying around
    3. define your tasks and make a plan (again and again)
    4. internet only for tasks (that have been defined)
    5. No entertainment (alone), no masturbation, no peeking (music is fine)
    6. react on urges! (urge surfing, exercise, prefrontal cortex activation, changing set & setting)
    What to do on every day
    1. exercise
    2. cold shower
    3. meditation and/or other form of relaxation
    4. to do's
    5. planning and documentation
    6. at least 1 of the fields social // creativity // learning

    Nutrition - 3 modes
    1. interm. fasting (starting with 12 hours
    2. eating healthy, simple and small
    3. rich meals (can be sweet) - prepare and cook properly

    - free sugars, white bread and so on
    - alcohol
    - coffe (minimize)

    last but not least:

    Mindset: That of a traveller with a clear purpose and no time left; a careful one, who's aware of the danger of what he carries with him. One who has to prove first and formost that he can bear the hardship of the Journey live minimalistically and put his mind on this important task.
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  2. Reghu

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  3. Kairose

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  4. Ūruz

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  5. Paul S.

    Paul S. Fapstronaut

    Day 6.

    I wrote some time ago that no matter what stopping masturbations should be among my top priorities in life. But it's clearly not the case now. Life got me entangled. I don't care about the reboot much now. It is how it is. At least I am mindful about this.

    I wish the day will come when masturbations just won't be an option for me.

    "I wasn't aware there was an option".

    I wish I could serve God like this -- I wasn't aware there was an option to pmo. Complete obedience to not defy God's law. I understand that life is complicated... But can I at least stop sexual immorality?



    Next reward - denim jacket on July 3rd.
    Hard mode + no shutting blockers down - day 6.
    No matter what happens in my life, this is important to me and this streak has to continue.
    No coffee at all. No tea, chocolate, etc. after 18:00.
    Calisthenics workout every Saturday. I can do one additional workout on any chosen day.
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  6. PeaceOnEarth108

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    4 days – A brave friend, Tom Bombadil, takes notice of your quest. He teaches you a rhyme to summon him if you fall into danger within his borders.

    Quest Aid – Song of Bombadil :emoji_notes:
  7. Revanthegrey

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  8. PeaceOnEarth108

    PeaceOnEarth108 Fapstronaut

    I think it's time to push harder again. Cardio helps me with my addiction but strength I also need. How to combine squats and deadlifts with bicycling?
  9. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma Fapstronaut

    Great information...
  10. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma Fapstronaut

    brother I think you can do cycling in two or three days in a week. you can do deadlift and squats remaining days in week.Personally, I'm not a huge fan of cardio brother..
  11. Baki Hanma

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  12. Reghu

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  13. MadLad

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    Day 10
    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." - Dory
  14. PeaceOnEarth108

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  15. Ūruz

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  16. I_cant_lose

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