The Lord of the Rings Challenge

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  1. No, leave like that: "The Lord of the Rings Challenge"

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  2. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Fellowship of Nofap"

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  3. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: Rising Fellowship of Eärendil"

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  4. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Journey to Mount Doom"

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  5. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Quest of the Ring-bearer"

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  1. jaybelgium

    jaybelgium Fapstronaut

    thanks a lot, feels good to start my journey to mount doom! Still a long and dangerous road ahead, but I will make it
  2. Thank you for sharing this! Really motivating :)
  3. Teutão

    Teutão Fapstronaut

    Day 19. Some urges, but I keep going.
  4. mak2504

    mak2504 Fapstronaut

    Sorry Guys
    Day 0 again. Will keep fighting
  5. Came so close to relapse this morning - as close as possible without actually taking the plunge.

    Woke up early, couldn't get back to sleep, one thing led to another until I sat literally one click away from porn. Thank God I snapped out of it. I'm still going, day 5.
  6. Today day six starts...with almost no urges to watch any content....with no urges for m.o..... i am keeping myself busy in household works and workout....and my exams are going to start, hope to stay quite and strong enough.....still i got no rank among u...
  7. Day 5 completed!

    Feeling good and relaxed. I also did a review of my porn filters to make sure they were all up and running.


    Hope your journey is going well too, have a great day and keep going!
  8. Julito

    Julito Fapstronaut

  9. dimk555

    dimk555 Fapstronaut

    Bad relapse today .... gf got a phone call during sex that made her really stressed and she had to go. I hadnt orgasmed yet so I just went on porn sites while she was sitting next to me. She freaked out telling me it was really humiliating and disrespectful and she left. It was a bad moment but overall I feel way stronger and better than 15 days ago. Almost a hobbit but now back to an Orc.

    Stupid question: how do I reset the badge timer?
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  10. jaybelgium

    jaybelgium Fapstronaut

  11. Near the top of the page, under the NoFap logo in the navbar you'll see "Update Day Counter". That takes you to the page where you can reset/alter it.
  12. She's right about it being humiliating and disrespectful towards her. Porn is never a solution. Maybe you both could try to avoid distractions in the future.
    Regardless, you're making progress. Learn out of your mistakes and keep going!
  13. Sputnik I

    Sputnik I Fapstronaut

    I agree with @FellowCompanion above. Being completely present during intimacy is better, if you can find a way to be candid with each other. I would be disappointed if a sexual partner answered a phone call. Ideally, smartphones ought to have no place in the bedroom, even as alarm clocks :)
  14. Mayin da Masculine

    Mayin da Masculine Fapstronaut

    Have completed the damn 10 days on this path.Being Indian I have read a lot about Vivekananda and his philosophy on Brahmacharya and abstinence from PMO and thus have decided to stay on this path lifelong cause I wanna achieve lots of success and also want people to remember me as a Noble being.
  15. G0ReadAB00k

    G0ReadAB00k Fapstronaut

    Day 16 today! Apologies, I did not check in yesterday, but I believe I have reached the Hobbit stage of this challenge!
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  16. Bahut acchi baat h bhai...tum sab logo ki batein hi mujhe bhi influence krti hain...keep going
  17. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Then this challenge is perfect for you my brother ;). Welcome!!!!!! Against porn evil we fight!!!!

    contra o mal.gif
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  18. Cucurbito

    Cucurbito Fapstronaut

    Day 12. Everything's fine, I'm still on the road.
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  19. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    good reflexion brother. You know what to do, now do it!

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