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  1. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    it´s quick, isn´t it? ;) Learn bro and go again :)
  2. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Excellent brother, you crossed the Ford of Bruinen. Keep going, Rivendell is in sight!!

    dia 28 - ford of bruinen.gif
  3. Getting_Free_From_Porn

    Getting_Free_From_Porn Fapstronaut

    Day 3 completed successfully


    Never give up and move towards freedom irrespective of how many times you have failed and back down you are the KING.
    your brother in this struggle
  4. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    My brothers, it´s done, finally i present you the timestamps of the Challenge :). They are now in the initial thread post.

    This took a lot of work and a lot of studying on the Middle Earth universe. It´s amazing how deep it goes. The more i study the subject, the more there was to discover. Tolkien had an infinite creativity, simply outstanding.

    A small note: i change the rank King, King is still at 150 days, but i erase Osgilliath from the journey. Sam and Frodo never went to Osgilliath (this was a Peter Jackson adaptation). Farimir let the hobbits go on Henneth Annûn. So 150 days marks the arrival at Henneth Annûn ;)

    So, without further ado, here are the timestamps. I hope you like it :)

    "Middle Earth Chronicles

    15 days - You decide to destroy the porn ring! You´re a Hobbit now. You must take the ring to the place where he was made, Mount Doom. You left Hobbiton heading for Bree.

    18 days – PMO forces have spotted you!! With haste you use the Bucklebury Ferry to cross the Brandywine river.

    20 days – With rain and fog you enter the old village of Bree.

    25 days – You spend the night at the old Watchtower of Amon Sûl. PMO forces are lurking in the area.

    28 days – The PMO forces were at your tail but you crossed the Ford of Bruinen, leaving them behind. The House of Elrond is in sight!

    30 days – The Elven town of Rivendell greets your arrival. A Council of representants explains the path to Mordor in detail. You´re an Elf now.

    35 days – You enter the cold Misty Mountains, the Hithaeglir.

    40 days – You try to pass through Caradhras but the PMO forces were strong there. You make a detour to the Dwarven Realm of Moria.

    49 days – You reached the Doors of Durin, the West-door of Moria.

    50 days – Moria, the greatest Dwarven Kingdom, is before you. With a beard and a axe, you´re a Dwarf now.

    53 days – A death silence swept the halls. You try to pass unnoticed under the mountain but the PMO forces are cunning and have arisen.

    56 days – In the bridge of Khazad Dûm a strong battle is fought against PMO.

    60 days – After leaving Moria, you enter the Kingdom of the Silvan Elves, Lothlórien.

    63 days – With boats given by the Elfs you sail on the river Anduin. The journey continues south to Amon Hên.

    66 days – Paddeling down the river, you crossed The Gates of Argonath, The Pillars of Kings.

    70 days – You reached Amon Hen, a hill above the western banks of the Anduin. By royal decreat, you´re a Warrior of Gondor now!

    75 days – You face difficulties walking though the razor-sharp winding paths of Emyn Muil. A fallen brother named Gollum offers help and guidance. He doesn´t seem reliable but he knows the way out of the maze, so you decide to follow him.

    83 days – You enter the Dead Marshes, a swampland “Dreary and wearisome. Cold, clammy winter still held sway in this forsaken country”. The lights of fallen fapstronauts seduce many others into oblivion. You stare at the water…

    90 days – You reached the Black Gate of Mordor. Power and wisdom runs through your veins, you´re a servant of the Secret Fire, Wielder of The Flame of Anor, a Grey Wizard.

    91 days – After carefully studying the Gate you decide is too dangerous to charge it full front. The fallen brother Gollum reveals there´s a secret entrance to Mordor. With a sigh of relief you turn south. Your path now follows the borders of Ephel Dúath, the Mountains of Shadow.

    125 days – You enter the region of Ethilien, "a fair country of climbing woods and swift-falling streams".

    150 days – You reached Henneth Annûn, a hidden refuge of the Rangers of Ithilien. You´re now the commander of army´s and ruler of hearts. People love you. “Who am i?” “You are our King, sire!”

    170 days – You entered the Morgul-Road. A “road that glows with an eerie luminescence” running east and west through the Morgul Vale and over the Morgul Pass in western Mordor.

    190 days – You reach the banks of the Morgulduin, the polluted river that crosses Minas Morgul. A cold steam issue from the river, it has a “cold and cruel voice” whose stench and vapours sickens you.

    210 days – At the Cross-roads, the point in Ithilien where the Harad-Road is crossed by the east-west road, you contemplate the statue of a king now beheaded by the cruel forces of PMO. The Cross-roads is in a belt of vast size trees. Seeing the fallen head gives you hope for nature crowned it with flowers.

    225 days – After a long walk you reach Minas Morgul, the dark fortress of Mordor. Once called Minas Ithil, the twin city of Minas Tirith, it was dominated by the forces of PMO in the Third Age.

    Upon the further side, some way within the valley's arms, high on a rocky seat upon Ephel Dúath, stood the walls and towers of Minas Morgul. All was dark about it, earth and sky, but it was lit with light. Not the light welling through the marble walls of Minas Ithil long ago, fair and radiant in the hollow of the hills. Paler indeed than the moon ailing in some slow eclipse was the light of it now, wavering and blowing like a noisome exhalation of decay, a corpse-light, a light that illuminated nothing.".

    A superior power is needed so you transformed into a Elf-King: wise, powerful and immortal.

    226 days – Close to Minas Morgul you discover the secret stairs of Cirith Ungol, the hidden passage to Mordor. The stairs are long and steep. With fear and courage you start climbing. Strangely the ring feels heavier now.

    250 days – You´re halfway the stairs. You move slowly trying to stay unnoticed by the flying Nazgûl.

    280 days – The stairs have ended and you entered a long tunnel, dark and moisty. Something doesn´t feel right, but Gollum says “this is the path, Master”.

    281 days – Gollum has deceive you!!! Unwary, you enter the lair of the porn queen Shelob. With stealth and treachery she attacks, but you have the light of Eärendil. The fate of the journey is fought at the doorstep of Mordor.

    300 days – You enter the tower of Cirith Ungol, the fortress that guards the passage to Mordor. The tower is heavely guarded by PMO forces so the Valar have promote you to Dwarf King. The beard and axe are back with double strenght. All Hail, King under the Mountain!!!

    315 days – After slaying countless PMO forces, you reach the top of the Tower. You see the exit, Mordor is in sight!

    330 days – After leaving the Tower you enter Mordor, the Black Land of PMO. The sky is dark and the fires of lust are everywhere. Remembering the words of the Council, you step into the blasted territory.

    “There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.”

    350 days – You cross the Plateau of Gorgoroth, the central region of Mordor. A arid plain with extreme climates covered in the volcanic ash of Mount Doom, uninhabitable by anything that lives.

    375 days – Legions of PMO and the very Nazgûl´s stand in your way. A decisive battle is fought in the Black Land.

    400 days – You reached the foot of Mount Doom, Amon Amarth, the Mountain of Fire where the PMO ring was forged. It´s much higher than you imagine and the vulcan is always active. The ring senses danger and it´s weight is excruciating now. Courage and determination fills your heart before the climbing begins. You no longer refuse your Destiny, you become who you were born to be, Isildur´s heir, the High-King!!!

    450 days – You´re halfway up the mountainside!! The slopes are rocky, the ground is unstable and sharp. Orbs of fire fly in the air expelled from the vulcan and the heat is unberable. You feel tired and drained but clenching your fists your determination is stronger than ever.

    495 days – After a long strenuous climbing, located high up in the Mountain, you see the entrance to the Cracks of Doom, the Sammath Naur.

    499 days – With fierce determination you enter the Chambers of Fire.

    500 days – Reaching the edge of the platform, Andúril… Flame of the West shines in your hand and the Fellowship empowers your heart. Watching the burning lava you think about home and how far you´ve gone. You cast the PMO ring into the fire, you destroyed the ring!!!

    Congratulations!!! By the grace of the Valar your total Maiar strength is revealed. You are the Supreme Guardian of Middle Earth, a White Wizard."
  5. PerseveranceToday

    PerseveranceToday Fapstronaut

    :D :D :D
  6. Fomo Sapiens

    Fomo Sapiens Fapstronaut

    This is beautiful. Thank you brother! Going to pay attention to what Elrond has to say ;)

    I couldn't wait any longer; I started reading the books again. Going to take me some time to catch up with where I am in this challenge.
  7. Fomo Sapiens

    Fomo Sapiens Fapstronaut

    Wish I could give you 50 likes for this post. All the work you must have put into these markers!
  8. dineshwetwo

    dineshwetwo Fapstronaut

    Happy Evening
    Day 05 Checked in
  9. Awesome work @RiseToGreatness! Thank you for making this and for your dedication to the group!
  10. Sure brother...u will see.. i will make u proud and will cross this journey without a single relapse...this is my oath...i swear on god....i swear my breathe....i swear my human life....i swear my soul...always be my side...i will never disappoint u..
  11. jaybelgium

    jaybelgium Fapstronaut

    Day 23 today, urges start to become stronger and stronger by each day, however I will not give in!
  12. LuckyMan

    LuckyMan Fapstronaut

    Thanks RiseToGreatness! This is really cool, and it is fun too! Something to look forward to during a difficult journey. You are really doing something unique, and it really helps to keep me motivated.

  13. Hardcandy

    Hardcandy Fapstronaut

    16 days. First day as a member of the Fellowship feels great!
  14. I'm more Hobbit than Uruk-Hai now. Almost there...

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  15. Diderik

    Diderik Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    @RiseToGreatness The work you did there is amazing, and we really appreciate it!

    Well, I am done with day three once again. I hope this is my last time. I am reading rebooting books, meditating and exercising daily, quitting caffeine, and trying to eat better. This should all help me quit PM. I need to be done with this struggle! I feel defeated every time I fall. But I will keep getting up and restarting until I make it!

    I am going to try to come up with some triggers I may not have thought of tonight, and to write them into my paper journal.

    I will win this fight!
  16. Teutão

    Teutão Fapstronaut

    These last days were insane... I almost fell many times...
    Day 27
  17. Mayin da Masculine

    Mayin da Masculine Fapstronaut

    Day 2 strong.Will soon grow to become Uruk-Hai
  18. marxlaw

    marxlaw Fapstronaut

  19. PerseveranceToday

    PerseveranceToday Fapstronaut


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