The Lord of the Rings Challenge

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  1. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    Thank you brother for kind words ! For now I have the deep respect for those who run their first marathon, because I know what they are going through.
  2. Silverwolf

    Silverwolf Fapstronaut

    Checking in Day 1. Early on I had trouble staying focused and motivated with my studies, but I took a very cold shower and felt re-energized enough to hit the books. My mood has been pretty "meh" but I'm gonna take the time to do a bit of meditation and see if that helps. The journey has just begun for me, and I am excited to be on this path with you all!
  3. ULYSS3S

    ULYSS3S Fapstronaut

  4. ULYSS3S

    ULYSS3S Fapstronaut

  5. kaerhal

    kaerhal Fapstronaut

    Day 26

    Another great day! Part of me was foolishly thinking I have this addiction beaten, but after my girlfriend sent me an unintentionally arousing photo I quickly realised I was wrong! I managed to pass off the thoughts quite quickly but I need to get a better handle on my emotions.

    I really enjoyed reading your posts today brothers, I always find encouragement and reason to celebrate your achievements each day! Keep up the great work brothers, you’ve helped me so much.
  6. LuckyMan

    LuckyMan Fapstronaut

    18 days. Thanks for the discussion on p-subs @RiseToGreatness , it is very helpful. I am always fishing. I gotta cut that out. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Onan the Barbarian

    Onan the Barbarian Fapstronaut

  8. Onan the Barbarian

    Onan the Barbarian Fapstronaut


    I'm happy to (again) become a hobbit, but I know I still have some orc in me, so I must be wary. Also, I am happy to report that I have accomplished by short-term goal of 15 Days! Time for another short-term goal...

    Today I have
    - meditated
    - prayed
    - worked out
    - taken a cold shower
    - eaten healthy
    - finished a work task
    - texted friends and family

    There's still much more to do. I am happy to be here in this moment, though.

    Let's remember that the notion of porn being fun is an illusion. Let's find some authentic enjoyment!
  9. HE^MAN

    HE^MAN NoFap Moderator
    Staff Member

  10. Mr. Sinister

    Mr. Sinister Fapstronaut

    Day 6

    Today has been, I suppose, the return of urges in partial force. My HOCD triggers (seeing lewd women I am not really attracted to) have been making me seriously fucking pissed. Forget anxiety, it's annoying at this point. I don't know why it has to feel like real attraction. It makes no sense. I can't get it out of my head right now. I considered just giving up, too. Can't remember the reason, but it was something along the lines of 'I will remain confident in my sexuality even if I fap to girls.' That sort of thinking never works, don't know why I thought this time would be different. It reminds me of the Tool song, Sober. Now that I think about it, that song runs through my head when I relapse. "

    Why can't we not be sober. . . just want to start this over"

    I don't know how similar or different alcoholism and masturbation addictions are, but those words seem to resonate with me when I imagine it's talking about PMO.

    Someone asked me to keep writing about my passed away dog, Toby, but I am in no proper state of mind to do so. I am too irritated. Instead, I will share a picture of my new dog that my mom got me recently. Her name is Princess Leia.
    The very type of dog good old Toby would have put in place real quick. . . heh. Miss you buddy. <33

    Now I gotta handle these emotions welling up at the thought of that.
  11. Again I find myself at Day 0. I've been an orc for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

    I was sitting at my desk working on Spanish homework when I got the urge to procrastinate, so I pulled out my phone and started swiping through memes. Pretty soon I found some that were risque and I just pursued that trail. For the last week or two I've been stuck in the five-day cycle that characterized my struggle before arriving at NoFap. I've become weak about actually fighting off urges, and merely coasting on the times when they aren't as strong.

    To remedy that, I will head over to my journal and list out all the ways I can think of why PMO is evil.

    Most sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
  12. Verissimus

    Verissimus Fapstronaut

    Day 20. I like the round numbers. They always hit differently.
  13. OttarrTheVendelCrow

    OttarrTheVendelCrow Fapstronaut

    Day 50 no PMO! I am proud of this milestone. I am going to take time today to reflect on how far I have come.

    I have been focusing on how to improve my Sex and dating life lately and I noticed something that I would like to share with you guys. If an attractive girl crosses paths with me at work, the gym, or another location where I see them multiple times, I start to idealize them. I will try and learn more about them and begin to feel like I have to have them. I would say I have decent luck with the ladies, and when I do get one of these girls into bed, I am left feeling disappointed. The idealized version of the person that I had created trumps the actual human I am experiencing. In the past this disappointment has led me to watch pornography and masturbate to fantasies.

    I plan on trying to unpack this revelation and get to the root of what is causing me to be infatuated with the person when I know nothing about them, other than the fact that they are attractive. I am curious as to whether this resonates with anyone.
  14. aeburbt

    aeburbt Fapstronaut

    This is a very astute revelation! I think that this also lies at the heart of the problem with porn. Frequent porn use has led us all to nurture these fantasies about who we believe to be the perfect woman. In these fantasies, they are always attractive, always eager to have sex in any way that we choose, and always good in bed. If a particular fantasy girl doesn't meet this high bar...well then we just click on to the next fantasy woman until we find one who does meet our expectations. Once this bar is set, it's impossible for a real woman to reach. Thus, we are never satisfied with real intimacy.

    I went through this with my wife. She is very attractive, and an amazing woman, but I had set a bar that was too high for anyone to meet. She didn't stand a chance, when I had thousands of online women to compare her to...especially since I live with her and have figured out (gasp) that she isn't perfect. Sometimes she snores, or is too tired to have sex, or doesn't say the exact right thing to turn me on. My online fantasies became bigger in my mind than her. So sad to think that I was ignoring real, intimate sex with my wife to M by myself in the dark.

    Anyways, your post resonated with me for this reason. I think you're right that we forget that attractive women are real, imperfect humans just like us, and that was a great reminder. Eventually, if we got to know them individually, we would realize this and would start to lose interest because P has taught us to move on the second someone doesn't meet our sexual expectations. Realizing this is a huge step in battling it.

    Thanks for the post! Keep on going!!
  15. aeburbt

    aeburbt Fapstronaut 9...about to hit double digits for the first time!
  16. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    Huh we even got Satanists and God worshipers getting along well here !


    There's something sinister indeed in this signature. Because basically it means praise(enthusiastic one)to the temptations and devil ????
  17. CrimsnBlade

    CrimsnBlade Fapstronaut

    Day 106 complete.

    Slowly heading towards King status baby. Can't wait!!
  18. WhateverItTakes2end

    WhateverItTakes2end Fapstronaut

    I haven't posted in a while but I'm alive and well. Just been busy with moving and starting at my new position.
    Day 123!! Can't believe I've made it this far. It's a bit easier but I definitely still get the urge here and there to wanting to look at the various site especially now that I may be able to binge. But, if I look now, I know I'll break my long streak and my goal now isn't reach a certain amount of days but to never look again get rid of this bad habit I've had forever and that was ingrained into me.
    You all got this. Take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. You can do it! I'm praying for all of you and I believe you will all succeed one day!
  19. americanbison

    americanbison Fapstronaut

    Thanks @Slider8 and @crazyhorse11 for the encouragement. I suppose recovery and guided self-development are two sides of the same coin. By recovery, I mean staying on the path of "rebooting" - not giving up. And guided self-development is adopting specific practices with the intention of growing myself. The first thing on my list is to start practicing the "Metascript Method" from Universal Man.

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