The Lord of the Rings Challenge

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  1. FellowCompanion

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  2. Searcher123

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  3. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    and stay accountable bro, that will help go throught difficult times :)
  4. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    thanks for sharing bro. those insights are very scary (i had lot´s of them as well), but they are also very enlightened ;).

    recognizing the strenght of the addiction is crucial for sharpening the reboot mindset.
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  5. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship :)

    well, i blew it, relapsed today to full hardcore porn. basically i stayed alone at home for too long, didn´t follow my triggers prevention plan and the rest is history. it was one of those "i have seen this before" relapses. but oh well :(

    anyway, i have improved my strategy and my mindset again. i won´t slack this time.

    Have a great day Fellowship. Sorry about the slip.

  6. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    325 days dwarf king
    400 days no PMO, semen retention
  7. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    Some thoughts I just made in relation to orgasm and semen retention

    Orgasm is a metaphysical need to feel connected to everything

    Orgasm is a way to feel alive to connect to the universe to feel one with everything at least that few seconds everything becomes one single feeling. But just like the heroin addict, constant ejaculation messes your body, energy and mind, it’s not a sustainable way to achieve this need.

    Think about sex your body gets inside other person’s body, it’s like you two become one. That is the search of life to be one with everything, to feel connected.
    But the thing is we are already one with the universe, quantum physics string theory, atomic theory as shown this, we are just particles connected to one another. We just fail to experience this.

    When you have an orgasm this sexual energy gets activated and you really feel this powerful energy, the problem is that it comes with a price you lose this energy it goes out of your body. The French call an orgasm la petite morte or little death. We die a little when we orgasmed. Just like we have a finite amount of breaths we have a finite amount of orgasms in this life spam.

    Sexual energy rules the universe is the seed of creation it’s what creates life and when a person or a planet dies it means his sexual energy has come to an end. He has no more energy left.

    The thing is we already have this energy inside us; we are one with everything already. We are just confused specially sexual and porn addictions cloud our true nature. See animals they are not compulsive masturbator unless they are captive, they live in a state of joy, power and freedom only ejaculate for procreation. They keep their seeds and feel joy all the time.

    We are humans and more evolved than animals we have spiritual and rational thinking we can enhance the cultivation of sexual energy through sexual sublimation practices like semen retention while being single or non-ejaculatory sex if you have a couple, meditation, praying, yoga.

    Practice semen retention alone or with a couple to cultivate sexual energy and you’ll feel great amounts of power and joy, you’ll become more subtle and will be able to feel this connection this metaphysical need to be one with everything all the time without paying the price you pay if you ejaculate.
  8. EpsilonDelta

    EpsilonDelta Fapstronaut

    It is not the fall that defines us, but how we get up.
  9. jaberwaki

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  10. Onan the Barbarian

    Onan the Barbarian Fapstronaut

    Sorry it happened. But thanks for getting back up!
  11. rotten_tomato

    rotten_tomato Fapstronaut

    Daily plans, definitely. To be honest, I did not take cold showers because I was afraid of them. Who wants to freeze while taking a shower, right? It turns out that it is a great thing! I started to take cold showers and it felt amazing! I recommend that to everybody!

    I need to walk more, you're right about that. At least 30min/day.

    You're absolutely right! Once the brain gets the dopamine it craves for a long time, it wants to hang in there and make you want to watch P a lot more! That's a very dangerous trap!

    I started to do some exercise 2-3 days ago and I feel great already! That's something that I long for a long time! You mentioned that you cant stress your body. I hope you're okey man! I liked the "3 creative things" idea btw :D

    Thanks for the support guys. That kind of support makes us stronger!!
  12. rotten_tomato

    rotten_tomato Fapstronaut

    Don't be sorry, my friend. It happens! Every relapse teaches us something and if we can build on that, we will get rid of that monster for good. Stay strong!
  13. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    ...and another day with meditation,cold shower some pull ups and studies which were particularly hard due to sleepiness all way long. It's definitely much easier to sit whilst watching movies than when you are studying ;)
    ...thought about mosquitoes and little flies whist on my morning walk and noticed that they like to gather in certain areas like the urges and there is little you can do, unless you are prepared and geared like a beekeeper ;), but to get away from those places.
  14. Revanthegrey

    Revanthegrey Fapstronaut

    day 23
    Nope urge, Revan is not in home, have a nice day.
  15. crazyhorse11

    crazyhorse11 Fapstronaut

    I guess the question then is How? Do you just refrain from all triggers and reject all and any urges that arise, until their waves have passed (which I guess is dangerous as it may feed the urges)? Or do you use some techniques to connect and transform these urges when they arise?
  16. crazyhorse11

    crazyhorse11 Fapstronaut

  17. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    Well, I've been doing this since a little kid my only childhood friends were monks and all my life I cherished semen retention.

    For me there are no triggers, I can have sex and not ejaculate. I can spend days without doing any special practice. But that is just me and the result of 20 years of hard work.
  18. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    Start with the basics outdoor sports and long walks are particularly helpful. Excersice releases dopamine so less need to get it from porn.

    A Healthy body is a prelude to a healthy mind they are connected. It's simple but powerful.
  19. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    Just go for a walk outside home if the urge are too strong. If you are about to open a porn page or just open it simply get out home and walk for a while

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