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The Lord of the Rings Challenge

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by RiseToGreatness, Sep 22, 2019.

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  1. No, leave like that: "The Lord of the Rings Challenge"

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  2. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Fellowship of Nofap"

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  3. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: Rising Fellowship of Eärendil"

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  4. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Journey to Mount Doom"

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  5. Yes. "The Lord of the Rings Challenge: The Quest of the Ring-bearer"

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  1. Retentionistheway

    Retentionistheway Fapstronaut

  2. Ready to Stop

    Ready to Stop Fapstronaut

    Day 120 no PMO. I have been praying for the last several days for God to show me my purpose and make me content. I feel like I have done so much work but made very little progress with my attitude.
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  3. belio123

    belio123 Fapstronaut

    Checking in for day 5!

    Having a hard time with random sexual thoughts that just keep popping into my head, but at least I have been sucessful in not engaging them, so they go away quite fast.
  4. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    ...any details ? why?
  5. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    Your purpose is to the large extent determined by your talents and things you are passionate about. Find out how you can use those for helping others and yourself ;)!
  6. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    That's a right way to avoid temptations, that's where your power is. If you reject evil thought in its root-appearance then you won't do any evil!:)
  7. Draconid

    Draconid Fapstronaut

    Day 2 - was close earlier on today, but managed to resist it! Saw it coming before it got me...
    It's much harder when I'm sleepy
  8. Retentionistheway

    Retentionistheway Fapstronaut

    Spoke to someone who i "felt" was lost, absorbed her energy and ended up unnecessarily/necessarily worrying, as I wanted to be of help. I understand the state I endulged in was temporary, but the moment i posted this, I was feeling lost. But that's how feelings are. They're unreliable and fleeting. I feel better opening here, thanks!
  9. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

  10. Revanthegrey

    Revanthegrey Fapstronaut

  11. jaberwaki

    jaberwaki Fapstronaut

    Morning all. Checking in on what is going to be a HOT Tuesday. Hope everyone in the heat wave path is able to keep cool. I’m fortunate to live among lakes and rivers to cool down, but also live in fire country so everyone is a bit nervous. Fingers crossed we don’t get any lightning strikes.
    Handed my son back to his mother after a stellar week with him, which is always hard. One of the hidden blessings of coparenting is being forced to learn how to live with grief, because it comes anew every week so if you don’t learn how to manage it it’ll bury you. So yesterday I sat with the sadness of an empty house, allowed the waves of emotions in, and today I stand up and look forward to a week where taking care of myself is my prime responsibility. I do think managing to handle this pain without PMO has made the whole sobriety journey a bit easier, and also more meaningful. If I can handle the weekly loss of my son without resorting to porn to bury the emotions, there’s really not much else life can throw at me.
    Time for some house cleaning, hard exercise and a cold shower!
    Be well everyone
  12. Redemptionisrequired

    Redemptionisrequired Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship friends,

    Day 224 free of porn, day 152 free of MO.

    A year ago this month is when my addiction was at its worst, between June and the beginning of November. I wonder if there's any correlation with that and me having some recurring symptoms now. We'll find out I suppose!

    A note, for those of you asking what to study. The PDF attached in this post is a good start, as with all things keep what is relevant to you and discard the rest.

  13. Mathman1994

    Mathman1994 Fapstronaut

    Day 29 no P
    Day 24 no MO

    I spent the weekend with my Grandma and her boyfriend and it was pretty relaxing though somewhat stressful as my Grandma is not the easiest woman to live with let alone spend a weekend with. It was still fun, and there was a moment of boredom where I peeked at P-subs for less than 30 seconds before I thought to myself, what am I fighting for if not to NoFap. I did not even touch myself. I just logged off in a hurry and took a nap as I was tired, it was rainy, and I was on vacation. Additionally, the place I was vacationing was the place I binged porn 12.5 years ago while spending time with my Grandma and sisters after my Grandpa died and I did not want a repeat of the shame I felt, so I stopped, and slept, then got up, hung out with my Grandma, her boyfriend and my uncle and his girlfriend, before going to dinner. My uncle insulted my generation as being lazy and entitled. I took issue with that, as though many are, not everyone is, and he did correct himself, but I was quick to point out that the Greatest Generation said the same thing about his generation.
    Anyway, I am still clean and in a little more than a week, I will beat my previous record of 31 days no PMO.

  14. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Checking in Fellowship :)

    Well, false start, i slipped yesterday, and binged :confused::confused::confused:. but i know what went wrong and i have taken proper measures to prevent similar ocurrences. i won´t fall into that trap a second time.

    i´m fully ready to take this to the next level and destroy this damn ring :emoji_muscle:

    Let´s do this my brothers and sisters!!!

    "Forth Eorlingas"

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  15. Starting as a Hobbit (Day 29). Almost an elf already lol
  16. UpInSmokeTour

    UpInSmokeTour Fapstronaut

    Same here.. relapsed a couple days ago and I find myself binging not much time later, often the next day or the day after that. And that day was today.
    Different than other times is that I feel very confident and motivated now and I am going to try new ways to stay focused.
    I am going to research more about semen retention, self-love and self-control.
    I was thinking of deleting my Instagram, but instead I am going to make an account that only follows accounts related to NoFap and like-minded people that also want to focus on living PMO free.

    Let's do this!
    Much love.
  17. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    Well done ! Looks like your vigilance grown enough to stop you in the right moment ! This kind of vigilance appears after some time of living in the NoFap world and you lived here long enough to see a progress !;)
    p.s. I found it better not to argue needlessly because in many cases everyone stays with their opinion but both usually get tired and worn out mentally from it.
    Try to look at this this way - You speak to the blind person and he says that it's a night time and darkness while it's bright daylight everywhere and you can see it, would you start arguing with him to prove that it's a day and there is plenty of light around or would you just ignore his words and keep on doing whatever you were doing?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2021
  18. Slider8

    Slider8 Fapstronaut

    Brothers if you happened to fall and are struggling to stand up first of all it pays off to restore the basics:
    *Good sleep
    *Good diet
    *Physical exercise routine
    *Studying about rebooting
    *Daily accountability
    Keep doing this 6 religiously everyday and you will see the light , and the miracle of life changing right in front of you!:)
    I've been climbing and there are different levels of problems you have to overcome to solve the problem. Sometimes it takes quite a while to build up strength and techniques necessary and no amount of brute force will help but a patience in allowing yourself to grow.
    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
    (New International Version)
    There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under heaven:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.
  19. Revanthegrey

    Revanthegrey Fapstronaut

    My plan in a begining was :
    I can allowed my self to fall purposely in day 120 , reset , and the next time i can fall on day 160 for example.
    The result what i can get is this

    But i see now is a pain in the ass reset all again , so reset can't be an option in my plan anymore.
    I have to quit this for once.
  20. FellowCompanion

    FellowCompanion Fapstronaut

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