The Lost Secret To A Great Body (Need to share this book)

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  1. So I have been reading and using the exercises from the book The Lost Secret To A Great Body & feel It has been helping me out with my exercising routine. This is based on the Light Dumbbell routine, which this version is called the W.A.T.C.H protocol, which is a routine of 1 set of high reps using 3-5lb dumbbells or 1-2kg with high focus on technique & using the Mind To Muscle Connection to make the exercises more effective for muscle building. I have been using the exercises in the book & I feel it is working for me, as I feel & look more muscular from the exercises, especially my arms. Though it is more tricky than it seems, especially with body placement, grip tightness & focus on the mind to muscle connection throughout the movement. This routine is to help give you a physique of the Old Strong men of the 1800s, like Eugene Sandow, Bobby Pandour & Professor Attila (The one who taught it to a lot of strong men including the two previously stated). This can either be done alone or done before another workout that’s more focused on strength , which does help out more but you can still just do it on its own & can still give good benefits on creating a muscular physique. Though as to say o there own you will look more muscular they won’t produce huge muscles, but I feel can help with it, weather either using a strength routine or a body building routine.

    So I’d recommend picking up this book for anyone looking into a new work out routine that can be done any where in a short amount of time, that can be done alone or with another workout routine.
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  3. Thanks, though I have tried to read it & didn’t feel it was for me. Though I appreciate you giving me your recommendation.
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    Yeah Mike Matthews' approach is the exact opposite of the program you mentioned. He is all about 4-6 reps at as heavy a weight as you can move in that range. I tried both and for me, Matthews' approach is working better. But each person is different which is why there are so many plans out there.
  5. Fair enough, this routine is a can be done any where type of deal. So more to be done with another routine or by it’s self. Yeah I am more focused on Calisthenics exercises & exercises I can do any where.

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