The male period, and flatlining

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    After having a couple of flatlines, I've come to a realisation that these (lack of) feelings aren't completely new...

    I consider myself quite lucky when it comes to my psychological wellbeing. In general I've got lots of happiness to share and there's not much sadness and dwelling on things.

    However, every couple of months I'll have 2-3 consecutive days when I feel out of it, numb and depressed. I call this my 'meriod', my male period. I can feel it coming on the day before and I know it will pass. I've told family, friends and colleagues about it and its a good way to explain that you're going through a normal hormonal slump just like women do.

    The flatlines I've had during NoFap have been much the same, except they've been longer and more linked to lack of libido. During my normal meriods I would usually end up PMOing excessively to feel something. Now that's obviously not going to happen.

    I think eventually I will get to a point where my flatlines and meriods will merge and become the same thing. I'll know its coming, have a couple of rough days and then it will pass.

    Does anyone else get regular meriods and how do they compare with flatlining? Do you think they'll eventually become one?

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