1. The male period is the approximately three day window immediately after an ejaculation of semen. The male period consists of the following symptoms: possible moodiness, lower energy, strange horny urges at odd times, anger, depression, deflated ball sack, inflated anger, a sense of lack of self worth, anxiety, lack of dreams, colorless or boring dreams, lack of desire to listen to music, lack of drive in life, physical and or mental exhaustion, blurred vision, social anxiety, mumbled speech, and lack of desire to drink better and more quality ales and beers; an increased desire to nap and sleep. Decreased alertness while driving. An increased desire for caffeine and even tobacco. Constant desire to search for small dopamine bursts such as a snack, a drink, checking the mail, a nap, checking the email, checking the internet, looking at progress in projects, a nap, hitting the snooze button repeatedly, drinking tea or coffee, ordering food from places such as Dunkin Donuts and or other faster food places, and having extra tea or coffee. Lack of exercise or lower intensity exercise. Warmer showers instead of cold. General laziness and a desire to watch tv or a movie rather than read a book. Flashes of anger and a desire to quit whatever work you are doing immediately and take a nap or just have a tea and snack break. Constantly reaching into the fridge or cooler for a beer or soda rather than water. Using any excuse to take a break and share gossip or have another beer, tea, coffee, whisky, glass of wine, or coffee. Ball sack sticking to the sides of ones leg at annoying and odd times, causing annoyance. Or conversely, ball sack filling back up at an extremely rapid rate and experiencing the desire to have sex again or masturbate (the latter not recommended ever). And most of all, an increase in caring less or more, depending on your general mentality. A change in caring, but mostly caring less due to that.

    The male period is mainly experienced by those who release frequently, rarely, or on a timed schedule, such as mine is. It can be experienced in varying levels of severity, some too light to be noticed, others very heavy. Check where you fit on this list. Depending on your severity of symptoms you may wish to cut all ejaculation out of your life or just allow infrequent ejaculations.
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    Great write-up. These side effects are all very true.
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    this points towards dopamine, GABA rebound spikes.

    also comforting yourself while your body produces new semen
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    Thank you for sharing, very interesting concept brother!
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    Thank you for this thread.
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