The mindset does the trick.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by PasterofMuppets, May 23, 2017.

  1. PasterofMuppets

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    I haven't fapped in 2 days and I feel great, how is that possible if beneficial effects start to get noticed after more time?
    Well, because I want to feel great.
    If i couldn't fap for another reason I'd be like "aw shiet man i cant fap how am i gonna live", but if I think "Wow man I'm quitting porn!" everything is awesome even if the physiological effects of not fapping are the same.
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    u want to fap ....... Fap ......while fapping count to 1 to 10 at each stroke......continue doing .......till ur penis dies ...... Because u fap this way or other way , u r killing ur penis . Choice is urs . U want to feel grete for few second or u want to damage ur penis permanently.
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    This is the thing that changes everything. When you realise that your entire nofap 'withdrawl' experience is a series of choices that you make about how you want to feel, it becomes the easiest thing. You then start to wonder what else in life have you been making difficult when it should actually be easy and relaxed. That's where you start to experience success on a new level.

    You'll also be able to very quickly see which nofappers are going to succeed and which ones are going to crash. I'll read a title like "OMG THIS IS WAR! I WILL CONQUER!" and then you see that person lie in a ball for ten days shivering and suffering from 'withdrawl symtoms' before finally wanking themselves worse than ever before.
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    What the fuck.

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