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  1. I've found out that regular sleeping schedule is the single most important thing for self improvement. Of course a good life needs a lot more than that, but it's the thing that allows those other things. Okay this is my own experience, but science still claims that regular sleeping schedule is important. Every time that I have wandered off to bad my habits like playing video games too much and pointless social media use etc. I have leading to that fucked up my sleeping schedule. For the last few weeks I have been able to maintain a regular sleeping schedule and it has made a huge difference. I don't even know how but everything is easier. Last night I went to sleep really late and today I woke up late. Coincidentally today I haven't done anything productive and I feel like a loser. Maybe for someone this is obvious, but I realized just now how important regular sleeping schedule really is.
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    It is a proper, regular sleep cycle,
    That empowers a person.

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