The most severe PIED case in internet - 90 DAYS no PMO and my progress so far

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  1. haha so true
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    Hey I'm glad you found it inspiring :)!
    To be honest i haven't been sexually active for a few months so i don't really know. But if i could guess, I'd say that i may experience ED again while trying to have sex due to PIED induced performance anxiety because the lack of my sex activity lately and a new partner that i need to feel comfortable with again.
    But it'll definitely be ok with time.

    Well, My view on nofap is that it's a way of life and not just a 90 days challenge like a lot of people treat it here.
    I think we should treat nofap like it's a second chance we got to become a better person and to live a healthy life. It's basically a really expensive gift. A wake up call.

    It's a good question as it's very individual. In my case, yes. I want to live a completely masturbation free life. I haven't watched Porn for more than a year and I don't feel like watching it anymore but I still Masturbate to facebook pics here and then and it definitely needs to end. I feel A LOT better when i don't masturbate. I'm more alive, Focused, Much more funnier, Confident and my libido is way better.
    I want to get to a point that i don't need masturbation at all and to live a healthy sex life.

    Cheers brother :D
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  3. Good point brother,

    Best of luck in your journey

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