The necessary reboot

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    hey, strong people.
    This is my necessary reboot because of something that happened recently.
    Some days ago, I lost my father.
    This is obviously a v big loss for me and now I'll have to take up his responsibilities.
    I thought that NoFap now will be a piece of cake since I have a strong sense of purpose, but what I've experienced till now is the complete opposite. I am giving in to urges v easily. Also since the past few days, I have a v bad fever and I need the energy to heal myself but I've been fapping for like 5-6 times a day. If I'm not able to control myself this time my life will surely go downhill. I've tried NoFap many times in the past but was never able to make it past day 3. I reached a point where I stopped posting a thread about reboot because I felt ashamed of my weakness. But this time I surely will succeed. I genuinely hope that some of you read this and hold me accountable because this is the only way I'll succeed this time.
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  3. I am sorry for your grave loss. Remember, believe in yourself - you can do it! Never give up, and learn from your relapses and eliminate your triggers. You can read my journal for displacement activities, avoidance techniques, mental motivation and commitment improvement.
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