The New Modern Warfare is a flop; could have been so much better

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    Background: I was a huge CoD fan beginning with Call of Duty 4. I had played Big Red One 2 and a few Medal of Honors on PS2 (I'm 24, a time before smart phones) and it fell off my radar until CoD 4, which i was instantly hooked. Other than CoD there was only Halo 2/3 and GoW but I mostly loved the Pacing and intensity. Never been a fan of aliens and that sort of stuff.

    Cod 4, WaW, MW2, BLOPS1, MW3...Loved them all, but by MW3 I felt the formula getting stale and switched to Battlefield Games, which was a nice change in game pacing as its much more objective focused and slower paced.

    From BLOPS2 up until the recent game, i ignored everything as the reviews just weren't hitting and they kept adding more and more trash. The only drawback honestly is that i never had a squad to play BF games with. My friends just didn't get it, or more specifically like the pacing.

    Flash Forward to last year when I heard CoD was returning to "boots on the ground" and I was cautiously excited given every misstep the franchise has made. Never was huge on Fortnite or Apex so it'd be nice to have a game to play with friends.

    Well after about 10 Months i can safely say i'm not very please with the base game. Warzone is...well Warzone, what can i expect from a BR game. Not too crazy about that type of game mode in general given the wait time between matches but its free. Had i known that would be released free, i'd never have a bought MW.

    My problems with MW (some minute).

    1.) Not able to see K/D in game: ...Unless you pay $20 for an in game watch. At first I thought this was some grand scheme to move thing forward in gaming, to make the game more objective focused, to suppress bad in game behavior, and while this is may be true, they should have just did the whole "unranked" thing for casual players...But if that was the case, then why can't you see K/D in game modes where Kills>Death is the objective, like TDM and Kill Confirmed? But you can kills in Demolition and S&D, two objective focused games? Mind you, some of the most "toxic" and core K/D focused players play S&D. This game is rated M after all, so in an optimal world, there'd be not little kids on the mic but as digital gaming becomes more widespread i doubt there will be a way to make sure only 17+ is playing.

    2.) Gameplay has slowed down to where camping is encourage: You wan to have a decent match K/D wise? Well its a lot easier to camp/monitor a sector rather than move around. This is because gameplay has slowed down to the point where you can't even move that much. Some would call it tactical, sure, but this seems to further alienate the early fanbase that propped this franchise up, those us of who came up on the high octane absurdity that was MW2 and BLOPS 1. Marathon, Slight of Hand, and Lightweight, are what kept the pacing high in MW2 and BLOPS 1. Marathon is sort of there as Double Time, But slight of hand has been reduced down to a perk that is not always active. Lightweight is gone, but its fine as we can edit weapons enough to compensate. But mostly slight of hand, you simply can't run around and keep things going. Some might favor the more "tactical" approach, and maybe its a medium between the Rainbow Six Seige, a very tactical game and BF1/V a more collectively tactical game; not for me. It feels like it has its foot halfway in, sort of how they tried to take concepts from BF and put it into CoD WW2.

    3.) Map Design: Again a minute point but some maps just The three lane formula is still there but i'm not sure what it is. They may have changed something up from previous game's map design but playing on maps like crash, vacant, shoot house, and a few others feel more true to "modern warfare" as i know it compared to a bunch of newer maps.

    4.) They keep removing everything: Weekly rotation to keep things fresh...Oh, you like 3v3 on Smaller Tactical maps? Sorry only for one week. You like large scale TDM on Warzone areas? Sorry maybe in a few months...I guess i can see the reasoning behind this, but i'm more frustrated by 3v3 on smaller maps being erased, like come on and we can't even get a proper 3v3 Tactical game mode.

    A smaller point that doesn't really need to be addressed in the imbalance of weapons. But with all CoD games this is to be expected. Just like UMP45 and Spas 12 blew everything out the water, this game has its go to guns. Thankfully they do patch things but when a new patch comes that makes room for a new season's go to gun.

    This one caught me by surprise and maybe i didn't quite formulate my reasoning well, but this game is a strong 5/10 for me. Just fun enough to keep me coming back, but only because there aren't many alternatives to multiplayer shooters. Trust me, i played BF alone for years, i can do it again if i can find something worthwhile.
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    Can't believe safe spaces and feminist agenda has reached COD. I hate the new MW. I hope that the new coming blops will be good. Hands down the best COD series Imho.
  3. Corporatism has infested the gaming industry sadly. So much circle jerking and virtue signalling that they actually have forgotten that they're supposed to make fun games. I sound like an old asshole but it's true.
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    Yeah, there are multiple games full of virtue singnaling one good example is the Last of us 2
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