The Nightmare Challenge

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  1. Hello everyone,

    It's my hope that this challenge inspires people to stay committed to there nofap Journey by reminding them of the horrors that can come through pmo.

    The idea here is that everyday for 30 days you post 1aspect of your life that would become true if you let your pmo addiction get completely out of hand for another few years.

    Start the posts off like this:

    1/30 If I didnt control my PMO for another 5 years...

    I would probably have cheated on my wife with an escort, and the guilt would make me hate myself.

    The point is to become familiar with the awful things that this addiction can make you do and so you never lose sight of that.

    Be imaginative, this takes a little bit of creativity. You can draw upon habits that you've seen yourself do already, or you can pretend as if your fantasy actually became a reality in your life, or you can imagine what your life would look like if did pmo multiple times a day.
  2. 2/30

    If I let my porn addiction get out of control for another 5 years...

    I would probably have to watch porn on my phone just to get the motivation to get out of my car.

    I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've done that before. Recline my seat and hide my phone so no one can see me. If I would have kept doing it, I probably would have been caught by some random person by now.

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