The No Screen Challenge

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  1. I failed. I chose to fail, and I'm disappointed.
  2. 26/60

    What happened?
  3. I took an extempore vacation from responsibility. The return to reality was rapid as well.
  4. I stopped using computer only at 21:45. That was quite a bit later than I intended. I'm away this week but will be back.
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  5. 29/60

    Last night I regained some lost sleep and it was so nice. Went to bed around 7:30 pm. I didn't wake up before the alarm so it was indeed needed. :)
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  6. meloss

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    I'm in, i will stop using my phone, before 23:00 PM
    Also i will not use my laptop at home for 30 days.
    Day 1
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  7. Back here. I finished 9.40pm. I try to make it 9pm
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  8. 35/60 for my original deadline (22:25), however, I have to reset. I decided to stop with programming oriented things at 21:55 to calm my head but I didn’t hold that deadline yesterday. As has happened before, I had trouble to sleep because my head was busy thinking. Too bad there is only 24 hours per 24-hour period :rolleyes:

  9. Ten minutes better than the previous day. Today I'd like to do 30 minutes better than yesterday.
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  10. Fifteen minutes improvement. Getting there.
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  11. I'm afraid I'm going the other way. 0/60 again. Coding too much too late. Yesterday I even continued after my deadline at 22:25 because I wanted to fix some bugs before I commited some work so I stopped at 22:45...
    I've been quite tired for some time now because I've been coding too late for several days. Today I even overslept and I skipped my morning exercise - not good. Moreover, I've gotten a bit of a cold and I'm pretty sure it will disappear once I get to bed in time. The problem is that the project I'm working on is so fun and I want to reach a milestone I have in my plan. Getting there very soon... today or tomorrow. Now the real question is, if I would reach the milestone, would I be able to stop coding so late? I think not.

    I need to come up with a solution to this pretty fast as this is affecing my overall mood and my body feel very tired. I guess creativity and routine goes in opposite ways, don't they?
  12. kaow84141718

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    I'm in! I have set bedtimes on specific days of the week so my cutoff time is 1-hour before bed. I can utilize this time to talk with my wife, read REAL books, stretch, do a 'brain dump', etc. I'm going to use a LEGO kit to keep me accountable and it will be easy to see the progress with a project. Today is DAY 1!
  13. I think you simply need to acknowledge that you have goals that may exclude one another. If you go with your flow working late, the next day will start (and end) later. If you stop early, you might lose a moment of inspiration. You can't get everything, and then you have to choose. There's no right way to do it other than your own way.

    For me, it's too easy to keep working too late. It's been very common that I start feeling more comfortable about my problems only later in the day. Then, when I realize that now I have a real chance to make progress, it's hard to make the decision to finish for the day.

    Of course you may have cases where you must finish something, but normally there's no reason why you couldn't continue next morning. You think you're being very effective, now that inspiration hit you. But this depends on the time span. Perhaps you're not so effective in the morning anymore.

    I've found it's actually motivating to leave something for the next day, and not do everything you possibly could in the late night. But in the end, there's no better feeling to work than when you're so excited that you feel like breaking your routines. There is no perfect solution.
  14. 1/60 - went to bed at 8 pm and got back some lost sleep. I'm getting back to my routines... :)

    Indeed, this is very true. Working with projects when you are in a flow state is a really good feeling. However, I wasn't actually productive at all so it was only a waste of time: I was refactoring some code that in the end got worse and I had to restore it so that everything compiled. If I had stopped coding when it was working, I would have committed my work and everything would have been in a good state before my deadline. Now when I continued instead, I managed to mess up the code before I committed my changes so I had to restore it the hard way since I didn't have a commit to get back to.

    So I guess when you are in a flow state, it doesn't have to mean you are productive. It just means that the resistance to keep pushing is low, however you may not be pushing in the right direction if you're not careful.
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  15. Nice! Welcome :)

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