The No Screen Challenge

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  1. 14/14 - 14-day challenge completed! Over to 30-day challenge
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  2. 1/30. Summing up my 3,7 and 14-day version of this challenge, I am on day 25 and it feels pretty good. :)
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  3. 3/30. I am not even close to my deadline at 22:25 anymore, probably because I go up 30-60 minutes earlier than before. I may move my deadline a little bit but first I want to complete another challenge and see what I want to do then.
  4. 6/30. For the first time I start to think I can manage to stop using my devices before my deadline - without a challenge. I've been in this challenge for nine months now and at last my habits starts to become strong.
  5. 7/30. Went to bed quarter past eight and had a good night's sleep.
  6. I make my comeback, starting from today. My primary goal is 9pm as before, but I may allow 9:30 occasionally.
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  7. 1/30

    I finished at 21:30. The day felt a bit short as I had woken up at 10am.
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  8. Awedouble

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    Nice to see this thread at 23 pages. It gives me an idea for a part of my regimen, I could stand to not even read before bed since I stare at a screen at the office all day, so I figure audiobooks on the black and white kindle. It's a screen but different, and the majority of the time I won't be looking at it. I'd like to be able to pause it to make mental notes (so no device input) otherwise I could just not look at it at all, but chances are if it's worth listening to it's worth taking note, even if it is all internal in my mind.

    And if that works, I'm starting right now at 9:30.
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    I'm in. Tonight my phone gets blocked at 8:00 pm. My password to my computer is long and in an email. Phone gets blocked, I have no access to screens. I will read or practice music instead. Day 0.
  10. 0/30

    Totally failed in respecting my deadline and getting in bed early.

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