The one thing no one wants to do for success

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    Yup. Here's the one thing that'll change it all for you. This is for my fellas who have been rebooting for 60+ days. Not sure where they are headed. Still suffering from Pied. Here's the end all be all solution.

    You need to put yourself out there. Find a girl that you can trust and that you're connected with. And tell her your problem. I was scared when I did it (just a few days ago) and I can already feel the drastic change my body took. An anxiety, a weight, lifted completely off my shoulders.

    I feared nothing. I was afraid to say it because I thought she would want nothing to do with me. That she wouldn't be willing to work with me. But boy was I wrong.

    She's 100% willing to take things slow, and actually was flattered by the whole thing. You have to remember, a girl has to always watch out for a guy who wants to hit it and quit it.

    But here you stand, willing to be vulnerable. Willing to let her in. And I know for a fact that I will beat this thing. It's coming. I feel it.

    This will be when I change my life forever. I'm 75 days in- and I'm ready. We are gonna rewire completely together. Cuddling, hugging, kissing, and the rest will come naturally.

    Please hear me. This is the last step of the reboot process. You can do this. We can do this.

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    That's great, dude. Keep her close, she is one in a million.
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