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    Familiar phrase right? Maybe you've heard of people going through a lot of shit in their day by day life, when everything just seems to get worse everytime until finally they get where they wanted to be. I've heard from people who hit "rock bottom" as in poor, no home, no food, no friends, no family and with their effort and a spirit that can't be broken they actually fulfill their dreams. And I know what you're thinking when you hear of that stories, because I feel the same way: "that's not me". "I have a steady economic status, I have food in my plate, I have a house, my parents love me, I'm just grateful for all that I've got". You see, people say that when you hit rock bottom the only way is up, but for you to get to that lack of everything you would have to quit all of your "luxuries".

    Now let me tell you my insight on it. You don't have to be at the lowest of the economic pyramid to get to rock bottom. I mean, there's no sense in burning all the money that you have so you become poor and can work from there to become a millionare. I think the only real rock bottom is hating your life, hating yourself, hating what you are, hating what you want to be because it's hard. Let me tell you something, even if you're broke, homeless and stealing food to survive, there's always a way down. You could always be in a worse situation than you are, even if you're in a tough situation.

    The only way is up because even if you have are the average at every statistical aspect of your life and you're a "normal" person, you don't feel like you're in crisis, you find it comfortable, and that's when you become mediocre. You become mediocre when you don't want to take the risk of winning because you know you can loose. But as there's always a way down, there's always a way up.

    Time of crisis is a time of opportunity. And that crisis isn't in you not having the material things, it's in you feeling unsatisfied with your life. And the way you take those chances is: accept your reality, define what you want and do something about it. That simple.

    There's ALWAYS going to be an excuse not to do what you're afraid of, and the truth is you can't go around every excuse because even when you go past one, you'll have another one everytime.

    Red pill or blue pill?
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    Very inspiring. Keep improving yourself!
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