The owner of Nofap doesn't want to help you.

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Evan K, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Pepper M.

    Pepper M. Fapstronaut

    I'm really happy. It is just a lot of fun to call out nonsense.

    And what are you doing with this entire thread? You are angry that you can't advertise your blog, so you started to insult the owner of NoFap and the entire moderation team. You're contradicting yourself.

    And not allowing advertising in signatures means that the NoFap company, the owner, moderators, are only about traffic? Another contradiction. Also, you made your intentions very clear further down in your post.

    I don't care if I am making myself look bad, I'm not the one trying to build a brand using another website's success and traffic. I'm here to actually learn about sexual health, not to advertise my own stuff.

    If YOU were ANY GOOD at building a business or sites, you wouldn't have to resort to spamming other company's websites to get any traffic.

    I'm older than you! And obviously much more intelligent (by reading these posts) and successful, since I don't need to spam my website on another company's forum to get traffic.

    IT DID GET BANNED. It is called shadow-banning, only you can see your own spam posts because BOTH PornFree AND Reddit both identified you as a SPAMMER! You're banned on other websites for spamming! You would know that if you actually participated in other websites instead of only being there to advertise!

    Yes, most self advertising can be justified as "to help people". P90X wants to "help people" but they don't go onto forums to advertise their stuff. CocaCola wants to help people too, right, but they don't go onto forums to advertise. THEY PAY FOR THEIR ADS WHICH IS ETHICAL INSTEAD OF SPAMMING THEM EVERYWHERE. Just because you want to help people doesn't mean that you're posts aren't spam or that it isn't somehow NOT self-advertising because of what you say your intentions are. And you were busy bragging about all of your success and money, sounds like according to YOU, HELPING PEOPLE ISN'T ACTUALLY YOUR MAIN INTENTION. It is funny how you projected your own feelings against the NOFAP company in your main post when in reality YOU are the greedy person who only cares about traffic, right? Projecting much????? Do you see how contradictory you sound? Probably not you clearly don't have a lot of self awareness.

    Good I'm going to report you for both personally insulting me AND trying to use a loophole to self-advertise using your signature. Just removing your main URL doesn't mean that it isn't self advertising. You are linking to a post THAT YOU MADE on another website THAT IS ADVERTISING your main website. You are still linking to an ad to your own website and to say that isn't self advertising is nonsense. Again I'm reporting to the mods. But the hilarious thing and ill say it again is that YOU ARE BANNED ON PORNFREE AND REDDIT FOR ADVERTISING. Idiot. (I'll report myself for name-calling, and if I get in trouble with the mods, then it will be worth it, because somebody needed to call out you and your hypocritical nonsense).

    And you just admitted that this ENTIRE POST and your ENTIRE PROFILE is meant to grow your businesses. Mods should ban you since you clearly only care about getting traffic rather than helping people.

    I don't know what website that you are looking at, but you have zero idea because I don't spam it here, like I said earlier. You don't have any idea what my fitness website is or how much money that it makes, you dirty little cheeseburger walrus.

    As for the success of my website versus your website, mine is successful enough that I don't need to go onto other company's websites and spam my website to get any traffic. One of us is pathetic enough to fight and personally insult the character of owner/staff/moderators at NoFap because you couldn't advertise your blog on another company's website for free in your forum signature.
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  2. Evan K

    Evan K Fapstronaut

    You aren't intelligent in the slightest pal. It's not spamming if it's helpful, you're just jealous that you can't make any money at all, and can't say a single thing intelligent. I find it hilarious that you think you know who I am and what i'm about, it's clear that I want to help people if you actually read what I say. There's nothing wrong with getting people to my site in return for helping people. You sound like one of those kids who makes no money and complains about other people and lies cause he can't make a single dime. I already use advertising for my other sites, and maybe I want to post here because I want to help the nofap community? It's not even close to rocket science kid. You're the type of person to say all of this hate over the internet, then in person be a scared little scrawny guy who doesn't have the courage to even ask a snail out. Way to make yourself look like a fool. Keep enjoying your porn because nofap is clearly not working for you.

    All you do is hate kid. I can tell your website isn't successful because you do not have the mind of a successful person. There's no way you'd make an 8x ROI with that mindset and putting all your energy into hating, and slandering about who you think I am. You don't make any money on your site at all. End of story.
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  3. Evan K

    Evan K Fapstronaut

    When someone is going to hate and be negative to me, I will stand up for myself. If you realized he was being stuck up first. And this isn't about solar power, that is probably the worst example you could give. This is about self improvement which a lot of people on nofap need to succeed. The fact that you even brought up something irrelevant like makes me immediately not able to take you seriously. And the fact that you have a meme as your profile picture just makes me take you even less seriously. My site was relevant, and signature links aren't even spam especially when relevant. You're trying to act smart and helpful, but in reality only idiots like pepper would listen to someone like you.

    Pat a little more attention to peppers vibe and his second reply, he's clearly a negative little low life ferret. I'm nice to people until they start hating and being super unreasonable, as well as someone slandering and trying to tell me who I am.

    ALSO, check all of my other posts and see how supportive and helpful I am to others without telling them to check my link. It's only when low lives like you guys come here and hate. And don't say you aren't because you are.
  4. The Consigliere

    The Consigliere Fapstronaut

    Why is this thread not locked??? No one wants this type of drama on the NoFap forums. If you think Alexander doesn't give a crap about anyone on this site or NoFap in general then keep it in a private conversation between you, him and the administrators of this site. On the other hand no one cares about how much he makes or what's the traffic to this site. We care about helping ourselves and helping others achieve a common goal. What you are doing with this thread is not helping. It's quite pathetic I must say.
  5. Tesslynne

    Tesslynne Guest

    I really don't see how having a meme especially one linked to saying no to masturbation and porn but in a humorous, trendy way (IMHO) makes me any less intelligent or any less worthy of being taken seriously. Furthermore, memes can be more powerful than one might think ;)
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  6. Tesslynne

    Tesslynne Guest

    I'm trying to point out actually that PMO is a waste of time, when we could be working on ourselves and other things, including yes being more productive. Because, it's NOT actually productive IS it.
    But the meme says all that in a short snappy way. I'm done.
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  7. tout ça pour ça

    tout ça pour ça Distinguished Fapstronaut

    some posts have been removed from this thread due to their increasing personal and aggressive tone. Please try to maintain the community to which we all belong by being respectful.
  8. Mitchell's Way

    Mitchell's Way Fapstronaut

    I agree. It is saddening seeing so much venom when people are meant to be supporting one another.
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