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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by takezawa1, May 30, 2016.

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    Today I had a painful feeling in my stomach. I think it was anxiety, and my coping mechanism to deal with anxiety is edging proceeded with PMO. I was in public and seeing people wearing clothes with no sleeves, even just the sight of arms gave me flashbacks of P. I had a mild panic that I'm actually giving this up. The problem is that my unit does not work, I can't get arroused and when I do it's hard to stay up for very long, so when I FAP I have to use devices that you buy from adult toy shops to help me reach an O, the device I'm referring to is an artificial silicon mouth, along with a P**** ring to increase the blood flow, then I would smoke an electronic cigarette to get an odd sensation followed by watching P, from then I would search hours for videos that had actors that resembled the people in public that I saw who triggered me. I threw away my electronic cigarettes so without that I can not enjoy watching P nor feel the same sensation so I physically can not get it up enough to O. So I have this fiery frustration. My heart is beating faster because I don't have my devices and I can't believe I have actually made this decision, i get the same nervous feeling one would have after a cup of coffee. Just needed to vent my mind is pretty clouded right now and I don't know what point I'm trying to make but I needed to let this out.
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    That sounds like you have lots of good reasons to stop PMO. Lots of people have trouble getting aroused because P messed up there expectations and standards. So when you feel an urge, keep in mind that if you sit it out, you will eventually not have problems with that anymore! Also, many people experience some kind of pain or irritation during the first couple of weeks, it's normal and usually nothing to worry about.

    One more thing: when you're in public, try not to just glance at naked skin and get naughty thoughts about it. Try to see the person that the skin belongs to. Realize that those are real human beings you are looking at. Don't really know how else to put it, but this change of attitude in public really changed a lot for me.
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  3. Looks to me like you're really into this and you know you can do it. Do NOT give up. I can't say I know what you're going through because I've only been a addic for 3 years. I've heard stories of people who have quit and have cured ED which is what you seem to have. Stay strong and you will see the benefits appear.

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