The positives and negatives of social media

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  1. Goodevening dear Reader,

    Lately I've been thinking about social media and the effect it has on our behaviour. These thoughts started after my last big relapse a few days ago. Before this, I've never had a problem with social media, but this time it was the root cause of the relapse. Social media for me is defined as sites and apps like Instagram and Reddit, but also Youtube fits in some points.

    Social media has always been a useful social tool for me, granted only if the use is kept at a certain point. It keeps relationships alive which otherwise would've died and it keeps me informed on what friends are up to. Especially the last point is useful as a conversation starter. It can also be used as stress relieve, albeit only if used consciously.

    But as I've stated before, it can be a cause of relapses. Social media is filled with triggers, from models on instagram to NSFW content on Reddit. Sometimes social media can take up huge amounts of time. Then again, this time does not have to be wasted, it depends on the content watched. For example, if you watch TED Talks on Youtube, I wouldn't say this is wasted time. But an hour spent looking at useless stuff on Instagram, this is time wasted.

    With this said, what do you guys think about the influences of social media? Is it a positive or negative habit, and do you think it should be lessened, or even deleted entirely while on a streak?

    Thank you all in advance for the reactions.

    Best regards,

    Chris A. Denver
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