The power of habit- What are your routine replacements?

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    I guess most of you have gone through this power of habit thing the first it urge starts with trigger which rushes the dopamine level for the best pleasure of fewest seconds accompanied by our automated routine. In this process our routine is main thing that needs to be changed irrespective of our trigger n the reward too should be changed the same pleasure as that of porn i.e, the dopamine rush. I just wanted to know from you people that let’s say in my case I work in corporate in night shift I’m alone in my room, everyday as I’m back from my work near around 4am, as I lay on bed i feel urge watching porn, masturbating n then going for sleep. I’ve tried changing the routine thing like exercising doing squats HIIT workout n meditating too (as I can’t go on walk instant in night) , but it didn’t lasted long it worked for couple of days but not more than that, can I get suggestions from u people what I should try in my routine thing to get a reward in dopamine level like after orgasm. But I’m confident that this power of habit thing does work. Just we need to test n try.
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    Ill show you my routine (I had 3 succesfull recovery, 90 deays each)
    4:00 Wake up
    • Protein shake
    • Pills (multivitamins/minerals)
    • Drink like 500ml of water
    • Meditate 30 min
    • I take a run like 2km
    • Personal hygiene
    • Prepare/Eat (food for gym) part 1
    • Study for about 2 hours
    • Prepare/eat (food for gym) part 2
    • Work (Programming ) for about 2 hours or more
    • Gym (3 hours)
    • Prepare/eat (food for gym) part 3
    • Sleep for 25-30 min (with alarm clock)
    • Work again for about 6 hours
    • Preare/eat ( food for gym)
    • Pills & Protein shake (Vitamins,Minerals)
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Meditate 30 min
    • SLEEP
    • REPEAT !
    • Saturday/Monday i just respect sleep cycle and food list most of them (enjoy quality time alone/with friends) or i just go for a short travel
    • Anyway my dopamine level starts rising after i complete those 5 days without doing something wrong or stupid, i feel like a god against the world :emoji_yum:
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    Its amazing

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