The Problem with Popular Music

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  1. That's why again I say it's subjective, as I personally think a lot of the older stuff is rubbish, though too bad you can't find anything you like now, even though there's I don't know how many thousands of songs in the world.
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    Why listen to the radio when you can play the music you really like? I listened to Thin Lizzy this afternoon. Totally cool. :cool:
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    I’m glad there are still people out there who still know what good music is!! Unfortunately most stuff nowadays not only sounds terrible but also promotes a destructive lifestyle.
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    The problem i have with popular music is that I'm neglecting trying to listen to them. So what if most of the new music we listen crap. I feel out of place when in public or with people I know talking about singers or bands. @[email protected]
  6. We're living in a golden age for music, since with the internet we can access such a depth and breadth, from some of the earliest recorded music onwards.

    Of course, this doesn't negate the destructive effects of popular music and culture.

    keep fighting

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