The Psychology of Your Threads/Posts

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  1. I made a post on a thread referencing this but realised it would take the thread of topic so I stopped further discussions on it.

    My question is why do you post what you post? What are you thinking before you post?

    Here's a quote from Jordan Harbinger:

    No matter how hard we try, we can’t help but reveal our intentions, both positive and negative.
    Words betray needs.
    Which is really fascinating, if you think about it.
    Because when it comes to social dynamics, we are what we want.
    And since most of what we want is facilitated by words, we are what we say.
    So everything people verbalize is packed with information — sometimes blatantly obvious, sometimes cleverly concealed — about what they really want.

    He's talking about what we say, but could it also apply to post on this forum?

    Would it be better to figure what a poster wants? Do we sometimes get so caught up in answering questions and responding to points that miss the whole point of the thread and someones posts? Should we look beyond the words that are written and try to figure out a posters thoughts behind their words?
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