The Push-Up Daily Challenge

Discussion in 'NoFap Fitness' started by Superman#, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. palindromo

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    It's harmful to do all these exercises every day. You do not get health or muscles doing so much. It's necessary a lot of rest

    If you want do a so hard total-body workout you should do it 2/3 times per week with obligatory 1 day of rest.

    Why don't you try to alternate specific muscular areas in the week? It is much better
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  2. Well the thing is I was trying to emulate
    A wrestler called the Great Gama as he
    did Hindu squats &
    Hindu push-ups every day with some days wrestling 40 men, isometrics
    & running, which made me wang to to try my own version, as of the idea of doing it any where woth out equipment & a pull-up bar, which at the moment I can't use in my flat, as before i did a 3 set of push-up super set chin up super set, squats and leg raises. Changed after hurting my elbows to exercises based on doing them with light dumbbells called the "Light Dumbbell system". Which did help build muscle, but wanted to add something after words to help make the routind more effective, which I saw the great Gama and tried to do my own version of that, which debagibg to weather change into what I was doinb to 5 days a week, cut out the pike push-ups & briding or something else.
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  3. Did 30 pushups and push mowed my yard today. Walked 3.4 miles in the process
  4. AdvancingEachMoment

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    yesterday 30 in one go
    today 26, but i figure they were cleaner
  5. BurgerChamp

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    I stop this evening at 75. I can hear screeching noises in my arms again.
  6. palindromo

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  7. BurgerChamp

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    100 pushups along with a long ass ab/core workout. I'm sweaty asf, more sweaty than doing cardio let alone.
  8. AdvancingEachMoment

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    today 28
    previous days 28, 26, 30

    goal 100 in one go
  9. BurgerChamp

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    102 all from my chest workout. Didn't do any separately today.
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  10. Added 41 more to give me 101 for the day :) took my bike out for a nice sunset ride
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  11. palindromo

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    great plan for today, for sure you enjoyed it

    - - - -
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  12. BurgerChamp

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    Rest Day 0

    will grind tomorrow for sure
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  13. palindromo

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  14. Took yesterday off
    Back at it today with 50
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  15. palindromo

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  16. WOOF

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    You become whatever limits you choose to believe in.

    This soldier is live streaming his workouts everyday on top of his active duty and I follow along. Have been going strong so far...

    Been doing almost daily pushup-chinup combo for over 5 years now. If you do flexibility and mobility seriously, and listen to your body, you will rarely get setbacks. (Most people do not know their body because they never bother to experiment and listen to it, they just go through the motions and focus on music or something else.)

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  17. palindromo

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    I'm afraid people here can get hurt from too much work out.
    It's dangerous do not have some rest day

    Impressive ! :eek: but i think it's at to the edge, it's a great body-stress to do this every single day
    Personally i think that overtake >8 hours per week of severe stress can be really harmful.
    Also to do cardio >1h every single day...

    A workout it self it's healthy because in the rest time the body can remedy to the stress.
    There's a particular oxidative stress in these types of tremendous workouts. This means cell damage.
    Also The immune system becomes susceptible after a serious stress
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