The Push-Up Daily Challenge

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  1. 40 more to give me 100 for the day and I hiked 3.5 miles :)
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  4. 10/08/2020
    W.A.T.C.H protocol push up

    1 set of 18

    Gotten back into doing my Great Gama routine but now doing 2 sets instead of 10

    which i have done 2 set of;
    10 Hindu Push-ups = 20

    10 Pike Push-ups = 20

    30 Hindu Squats = 60

    15 Thoracic Extension = 30

    10 Over handed Suspension Trainer rows = 20

    10 Under handed Suspension Trainer rows = 20
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  6. 11/08/2020
    W.A.T.C.H protocol push up

    1 set of 18

    Only did this as having other commitments, will try and repeat it tomorrow.
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  9. 12/08/2020
    W.A.T.C.H protocol push up

    1 set of 18

    Only did this because of the heat recently not feeling motivated to do more. I hope to get back into the swing of it tomorrow, but concerned I am getting lazy on doing my extra workout after my W.A.T.C.H protocol.
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    It just surprises me how we're like only 4 peeps active on this challenge. Loving the progress on each and everyone of us here. Stay strong, push-up squad! Will update later
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    If I am honest I did better than expected at 20 pushups! I haven't done too many pushups recently, Lets hit 25 tomorrow!
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  12. Yeah I’m not sure what happened to the rest.
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    Just finished doing 50
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  15. 13/08/2020
    W.A.T.C.H protocol push up

    1 set of 18

    Not been productive in doing my added routine, because I was being lazy & had something else to do as well.

    Also decided to post my W.A.T.C.H protocol routine. Inspired by this book with some added stuff to it.

    Which it is all one set of;

    1.Alternating Dumbbell Curls
    2.Alternating Reverse Dumbbell Curls 3.Alternating Crucifix Dumbbell Curls 4.Simultaneous Crucifix Dumbbell Curls 5.Standing Dumbbell Pectoral Fly’s 6.Alternating Dumbbell Presses 7.Alternating Dumbbell Front Raises
    8.Simultaneous Arm Circles
    9.Don't know the name of this, just that it was done by Al Treloar's. Where I had to stand fully strait up with my my arms fully reached out over my head in hammer position, to then (with my legs are fully locked straight when doing this) have my upper body bending over to 45 degrees with my dumbbells switching to over hand positiom then to go back up & then my hand position going back to hammer position.
    A visual can be seen here on page 7

    10.Standing Rear Delt Flyes head on the bench
    11.Dumbbell Wrist Circles 1 (Clockwise) 12.Dumbbell Wrist Circles 2 (Anti-clockwise)
    13.Dumbbell Punching Movement
    14.Dumbbell Good Morning Deadlift
    15.Dumbbell Shrugs
    16.Dumbbell Crossovers
    17.Dumbbell Side Bends
    18.Simultaneous Dumbbell Back Extensions
    19.Ski Ski Jumper
    20.Calf Raises
    21.Toe Raises
    22.Deep Knee Bend On Toes
    23.Goblet squat
    24.One Legged Squat
    25.Straight Legged Sit-Ups
    26.Leg Raises Hyperextensions
    27. Hyperestensions
    29. Over hand Rows
    30. Underhand Rows

    The rows are an extra thing I added to the routine as deciding to add a row after my push-ups inspired by this which helps.

    The goal of it is to reach a certain number with each exercise to work on getting a good Mind to muscle connection & muscle activation, with using the weight between 3-5 lb
    At the moment I'm using 1kg, building up to do 2kg with a good MTMC & MA.
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  16. 60
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    Finished 136 pushups minutes ago, chest workout
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