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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by pmofreeliving, Sep 19, 2019.

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    The real problem is not the negative effects that you get from watching a video one time. Really, you probably won't see any negative effects from watching one, except that from watching one, you want more and more until you either stop and get intense cravings for the next days/weeks/months or your ejaculate and still get cravings for the next days/weeks/months.

    I always tell myself that porn gives me depression, anxiety, and I don't need it. And it's true. A week or two goes by, then I forget about my depression because not watching it and not fapping makes me feel better. Since I feel fine, I think, why not just a peek. Then I fall back into my old patterns and feel shitty again.

    It's a cycle. When you feel okay, but you have a shit day, or you get bored, but your mental health is stable, maybe not great, but at normal levels, you take a peek. Then the pathway opens and your mental health becomes unstable so you tell yourself that you need to stop...and repeat...and repeat.

    It's not hard to stop fapping, and it's not hard to stop watching porn. The hardest part about quitting is convincing yourself that you will be better off without it, 24/7. Once you convince yourself, you stop for good because, if you no longer want it, you no longer crave it.
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    Don t know about you but me I am plainly prefering porn to reality. As much as I would like to quit , porn just seems the better option than the suffering reality usually has. For me. I should at least stop pretending. I have no real hope other that just minimal survival.
  3. @Embrace: No man! I remember previously I thought the same, but not. You need change your chip. It's better live without sex of any kind than porn.
    Because, the porn just brings depression and sadness to our lives. Maybe we can not fuck with a girl never more in our lives (I expect not) But in the worst of cases, if it's the case, the porn won't do you more happy, indead It will have the opposite effect in us.
    It's the same like the drugs. The cocaine feels good, but the negative effects that it can makes you is worst.
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    Only you can change yourself. once you control your thoughts, your actions follow. There will always be urges, it is a battle, yes, but sobriety from PMO is a freer life. Once you hit rock bottom, you will understand. Once you understand, you can make a commitment because you will know that porn is creating your depression. it is masking the world and makes you think that life is not great, but life is great! After you wake up from your fantasies, you will learn too.
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    You are better off without it, you should remain pure of mind, body and spirit. Buddhist dharma states that one must remain pure and free from temptations of lust if they are to reach enlightenment, that is what you should be doing.

    Break the cycle, take control of your life and do not waste time on such persuits.

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