THE Reason We Achieve "Superpowers" on Nofap

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  1. Coak Hakola

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    Yes, we agree. I never said nofap raises your testosterone, I said you utilize more of your testosterone when you practice nofap. Here's what I said in the original post:

    "The more dopamine receptors you have, the more your testosterone is utilized in your body!"
  2. Billybrasco

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    I thought there was a prominent study that said your T goes up by 150% for the first week. I sure as hell felt like it did.
  3. Ok great! That is interesting, counter-intuitive.

    It makes sense though. If you don't flood out the dopamine receptors with dopamine,
    then there's more testosterone available in the synapse for uptake.

    I totally get it!
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  4. BetterMeandI

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    Correct, on the 7th day it will skyrocket to 145%, but it will go down to normal levels after.
  5. Brave Hero

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    Very good information I'll try to remember it.
  6. Rev2.0

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    My experiences and an insight regarding T.
    - More muscular = Marginally, and only after 3 HARD years of 3-4x a week heavy weight training and a good diet. I'm an ectomorph (skinny build) and hard gainer, though, so genetics are against me.
    - More energy and motivation = yes.
    - Women flock = No. But I'm married so I'm not often in situations where that could happen nor would it really matter if it did.
    - Confident/better in social situations = yes.
    - More respect from others = yes. And I seem to get more "lucky breaks" than I used to.
    - Sex life improved = I've been in a sexless marriage for the last several years due to factors beyond my control, so, no.
    - More attractive = My wife says so. :)

    Now, about testosterone. As others have noted, raw T does not increase long term from NoFap / SR. I can attest to this having just been tested for T and finding that for all my lifestyle changes and SR, my total number now is 2 points LOWER than 3 yrs ago. :(However in that time my SBGH (which affects how much T is available to your body) has been cut in half (lower is better). So there's that anyway.

    Full disclosure: I'm 55, in excellent health other than low T (389 measured last week, which I'm sure explains the slow physique gains). On SR since January of this year. I should also note that PMO has been part of my life to greater or lesser degrees since my early teens, i.e. almost 40 yrs before I got serious about dealing with it. So I know full well I have a LONG road of healing still ahead. Most guys on this board are younger than me so they should, I think, realize significantly better and quicker improvements than I have.

    By the way if your T number is like mine, know that a reading in the high 300s is not low enough for your doctor to prescribe TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) i.e. you would have to pay for it all out of pocket even if you have health insurance. So if you're measuring at 300-500 you're unfortunately in no mans land where you don't have as much T as a lot of other guys but you're also going to have a hard time getting chemical "help" unless you're willing to foot the whole bill and possibly go under the table. For those of us in that situation it just has to be about making the most of what we have and working on our personality, social awareness etc.
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  7. I was like you, I had low T beginning in my 30s into my 40s.

    I could not find my old T numbers, but I took it myself.

    I took it in the chaser and on day 30, they were very close, and
    both low.

    But that's why I agree with you, that it's not the T reading number that is important.

    Because when I first did a streak and then a reboot in 2018,

    I had enough to make great athletic gains, but it was probably low then too.

    I lost 100 lbs through diet and fitness.

    At first, I just did Yoga every day, but after 30 days, I was shocked to have lost
    about 30 lbs.

    That part blew my mind because I'd been morbidly obese since college.

    At that time, I was 30 days into my first reboot, hard mode, and also I had low T.

    I hadn't started a diet either. I was lonely, I used sugar a lot, I ate cookies and ice cream all day long.

    But at day 30 I added a diet and interval training. Then after a few weeks, I added cardio on the elliptical. And I just kept adding more to it.

    It all paid off too.
  8. Coak Hakola

    Coak Hakola Fapstronaut

    As I've said before, nofap DOES NOT increase anyone's testosterone except for the first 7 days of abstinence.

    What nofap does is it heals your androgen receptors, which in turn helps your body utilize the available testosterone your body already has. This is where all the benefits come in. One could have an extremely high testosterone, but if his androgen receptors are fried, his body won't be able to utilize the existing test he has.
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  9. Rev2.0

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    Yes it's pretty cool to realize that even if your total T number is on the lower end, through NoFap and a healthy lifestyle a guy with marginal T numbers can measure up (so to speak) with young guys who have double the raw T but are wasting it by fapping on the regular. It's a pretty powerful equalizer when you look at it that way.
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  10. I get frustrated about bad information about this, just like you.

    I think this idea about "more" T comes out of locker rooms.

    But here's the deal, if a guy wants to know the truth, I'll tell him.

    If a guy thinks that doing a reboot is going to raise his T, and he
    doesn't care about the truth, then let him think that.

    Better to be rebooting and not understanding the science than
    not rebooting and wacking to porn.
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  11. greenishmoon

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    Qué hacés con una foto de Francella pa, me asustaste. Aguante Francella. Tardé como tres minutos en darme cuenta de que era Francella.

    I'll look this up. Anyway withouth accurate info on this topic from a serious professional we can't do much. And lately I think that doctors are just way too much into the normalization of bad stuff, or just plainly ignorant about these issues.

    That said, can you explain more about what you know arround it?-

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