The Rebooting Toolbox (Tips and Tricks)

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    Mental Motivation

    Remember why you are doing this; write down your reason(s) to stop PMO e.g.
    Acquiring that strong sense of self-pride; being able to look people in the eye.
    Know that PMO will never make you happy/fulfilled; any other ideas are false.
    Remember how shitty you feel, every time without exception after you relapse.
    Remember that as your brain recovers you will start enjoying life more fully.
    If you masturbate your life will be mediocre and you will lose your manliness.
    Doing PMO means watching other people have sex, so you become a beta male.
    Masturbation numbs you to your life prospects and potential for a happy life.
    Many actors in porn are leading abused lives; PMO contributes to their misery.
    PMO makes you look at others as pieces of meat; you don't want to be that guy.
    People can sense you're a beta male when you wank; they know you are weak.
    When you don't masturbate you will become more alpha or a very good person.
    Do not be motivated by getting sex partner with you in bed; do it for yourself.
    Remember that if you don't have erectile dysfunction you will get it eventually.
    If you have erectile dysfunction you can recover if there are no medical issues.
    You will have the freedom of guilt e.g. not worrying about your browser history.
    You will have the freedom of not having that second, hidden, wanky personality.
    You will be more sensitive with a normal penile response; no more death grip.

    Improve Your Commitment

    Acknowledge to yourself that you have a serious problem; an addiction to PMO.
    Make a commitment to stop PMO on NoFap and/or family; a friend; a partner.
    If you have an accountability partner: call or text them when you are horny.
    Mark your NoFap days on a calendar; tick/check each day of your new streak.
    Remember to view every day as day #1, no matter how high your counter is.
    Record your progress on NoFap every so often; post daily if you are struggling.
    'Lowfap' does not work; cold turkey is the best way to go; go for hard mode.
    On NoFap, spend time encouraging others; welcoming newbies; giving advice.
    Schedule time for meditation every day; guided meditation; also mindfulness.
    Identify your triggers: stress; anxiety; boredom; low mood; perceived failure.
    Recognize that masturbating to porn will never help replace negative emotions.

    Avoidance Techniques

    Delete your porn folder; delete porn links; delete history.
    Install a porn blocker on all internet enabled devices; no more peeking at porn.
    No edging at all; touch yourself only when cleaning your body or having a pee.
    If you get sexual thoughts; images; fantasies, then replace them immediately.
    Do not aimlessly browse on computer/phone; do specific task and then log off.
    If you are feeling horny, stay off the computer or phone completely - power off!
    Wear thick trousers with a belt: some find it helps to have a physical barrier.
    Stay in public places; stay in communal areas with your housemates; family.
    Get out of bed as soon as you wake up; morning wood will soften after you pee.
    Go to bed only when you are ready to sleep; don't use internet in bed/bedroom.
    Stop drinking alcohol or taking recreational/illegal drugs until you've rebooted.

    Displacement Activities

    Stretching; yoga; calisthenics - exercises with no equipment; gym; play sports.
    Shower, groom yourself; trim nails; shave; floss/brush teeth; wash/iron clothes.
    Get squeeze balls for your hands to remove stress; don't squeeze genitals, lol ;]
    Listen to music; sing along to your favourite music; read CD booklet for info.
    Learn something new - a language; an instrument; cook; solve a Rubik's cube.
    Read a book not from a screen; go to a library to read a book away from home.
    Fix something around the house; gardening; wash the car or your parent's car.
    Start a chore that you have been putting off; resist procrastination re: anything.
    Clean room/flat/house: turn a negative scenario into a positive one you can see.
    Go for a walk in a nice place; keep your mind on everything you see in nature.
    Meet up with others; join a club.

    Tricks of Last Resort

    Cold showers; wash genitals with cold water and a flannel to reduce blood flow.
    If you are doing easy mode, get your woman or man to "relieve" your tension.


    Fall down. Get up.
    Fall down. Get up.
    Fall down. Get up.
    Fall down. Get up.
    Fall down. Get up.
    Stay up. Help others.
    Stay up. Stay strong.
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    Cheers buddy. I see it as a menu from which we can select a few ideas on any given day when we are struggling to cope.
    Not everything included represents what I have tried or that I find helpful personally. For example, I am too much of a wuss to have a cold shower, lol! :D. I am not convinced about using porn blockers either. But both of these are recommended by others, so I have included them. I believe that hard mode is the most effective way to reboot, but it's not for everybody. :)
  3. You and me both, buddy. At least we will be some warm wussies! :) I would sticky this thread if I had the power to do so.
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    This post is epic. Many thanks.
  5. Great post IGY, I'm going to add it to my list of useful posts on the website.

    The end is phenomenal.
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    Many thanks IGY! Really helpful post :)
  7. IGY

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    Thank you very much.
  8. Thanks so much! This is a hell of a post! :D
  9. IGY

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    I appreciate the feedback, thank you.
  10. This is a very helpful post with lots of wisdom acquired from your own experiences and observations. So I'll trust this for sure. Thank you for this post! :)
  11. IGY

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    It is rewarding knowing you find it helpful, thank you.
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  13. Great Post.Thanks for sharing.
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    Good advice! was in a relapse mood but this kinda helped me in getting out of it :)

    keep spreading love bro.
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    Thank you everyone. I am happy to help and to share the things I have discovered and learned from others. :)
  17. after 14 days... today i relapsed..and i fapped 5 times today....
    i felt horrible, fucked off.., dead.....suicidal thoughtss

    but after reading this.. i remembered why i am here///
    its not about win or lose, its about giving your best..

    thanks for an amazing post
  18. IGY

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    Aww, I feel for you, especially after a great two weeks. If possible, it is so much better if you can keep any slip up down to just the one (or two). You might find that if you can reduce your porn and masturbation that horrible feeling will be less intense. I hope it would prevent the suicidal thoughts, too.
    I am glad you understood this and it has made you feel a bit better. Even if you have a setback, avoid calling it a "fail". It is a journey of recovery with ups and downs. It is not pass or fail / win or lose / all or nothing / black or white. Build up your strength and motivation and next time you feel tempted, you may be able to resist or make it a smaller slip up. Take care.
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