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    Dear forum,

    The first thing you need to do in order to recover is to abstain from any kind of sexual stimulation. Avoid intercourse (intimacy with kissing and hugging is OK), pornography, erotic fantasy, masturbation, orgasm, wet dreams (see this: How to avoid wet dreams: and erotic novels. I cannot make it any clearer, if you do not avoid this, you will not recover.

    Masturbation results in loss of vitality and vigor. Years of excessive masturbation results in general debility, loss of ambition and drive and mental powers, social anxiety, lack of physical vigor, fatigue and vision problems, to name a few. It is of uttermost importance that you realize the seriousness of this destructive vice. It gradually undermines the mental and physical health of the individual and it works in a very subtle way, causing a wide range of strange disorders.

    You will never be full of joy, passion, confidence and animal spirits if you keep masturbating.

    I will not go any further onto this subject, I have already made several threads discussing this issue.


    It would be wrong to claim that diet is of no importance in the recovery process. It's not crucial, people living on a diet of junk will still recover - but still, what do you have to lose on eating healthy?

    One should aim for an unstimulating diet consisting of pure, natural foods. No artifical products recommended. I also suggest one to eat a strictly vegetarian diet, exclude all animal products but also vegetabilic oils. Your diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, moderate amounts of protein and for optimal health and vigor - very low in fat. Fat has a tendency to produce too much mucus, and causes the saliva to be thicker and... more disgusting. If you feel clean and pure, you're less likely to relapse.

    However some people doubt the strictly vegetarian diet, claiming that a diet high in saturated fats and protein is the optimal human diet. It might be true for some individuals, but I highly doubt it. If you eat a meal of rice, cauliflower, potatoes and vegetables, you will feel a freshness in your mouth you might never have experienced before. If you eat cheese, meat high in fat and dairy products - you're most likely to feel a "dirty" taste in your mouth afterwards, though a diffuse one. However, I don't expect people to follow this but I'll list some arguments for a strictly vegetarian diet:

    1) Humans does not need high amounts of amino acids. Infants grow rapidly, at early stage they double their size in a short time, and their diet usually consists of human breast milk. Human breast milk contain five percents of protein

    2) Our tongues does not respond to amino acids, but to carbohydrates

    3) Carbohydrate was necessary for the evolution of mankind

    4) Every successful civilization has based their diet of primarly carbohydrate with only a little meat and fish

    5) A strictly vegetarian diet is unstimulating and does not cause constipation (constipation results in loss of seminal fluid through pressure on the prostate)

    Eat three meals a day. No more or less. Eat at regular times. Eat slowly and chew, chewing is very important. Chew your water. The more you chew, the less disturbance of the stomach and the more energy will you feel. Spend at least 45 minutes for each meal for optimal results.

    Do never eat too much. This is also very, very important. If you eat too much, it will result in gas and disturbance of digestion. You shall never feel tired after eating. If you feel tired, that means you have eaten too much.

    Never eat before bed. The last meal should be eaten at least 4 hours before bedtime. If you eat before you go to bed, the undigested food will disturb your sleep and in some cases, cause nocturnal emissions and loss of vital force.

    Never eat spicy foods. This is also very important. Spicy foods are stimulating, making you more likely to relapse. Also your sweat stink and your stomach hates it. Do not use any spices at all. Salt in moderation is allowed.

    Avoid vineager, mustard, too much soybased products, pasta and basically everything that makes your saliva thicker. I could not go too hard on sugar. It is a poison, it leaves behind an odor in the mouth. Avoid anything that makes you feel less fresh. And no, this food should not taste good. It shall be pure and simple food. No-Arousal at its finest, and it is effective.

    You will feel that you conserve loads of energies by eating pure and simple foods. I am not exaggerating when I say that I believe that too much junk food can cause depression.


    Vitamin b12 is essential and is only found in animal products. You might now doubt this diet but let me explain. People who want to attain optimal health can eat a little of animal products to recharge vitamin b12 storage and the lack of vitamin b12 in vegetabilic foods is also the result of too much cleanliness. You may add some fish to your diet, low in fat of course. Or maybe tiny amounts of milk.

    Vitamin D if you do not spend time in the sun.

    After some months on a strictly vegetarian diet you will feel a mental clarity kick in. This can be quite overwhelming and feel amazing for some people. You will also feel more vigorous and there is no doubt that a strictly vegetarian diet can increase agility and general strength.

    The asians had great health and their diet consisted mainly on carbohydrate, was moderate in protein and very low in fat. They are vigorous, thin and their minds are in general very sharp.

    It will also improve your spiritual health, watch some clips on youtube on animal slaughtering. It is absolutely terryfing to watch.

    Physical activity​

    Exercise in moderation. Train gluteus maximus and shoulders, these muscle groups are for certain weakened if you have been addicted to masturbation

    Take long walks. Nothing is better than walking.

    Train until exhaustion at least thrice a week. You will get a better blood circulation, and that will greatly speed up the healing process.

    Do not train in a violent manner. Do not exhaust yourself too much, remember, everything in moderation.

    Stretch! Yes, stretching will improve vigor and agility, it is essential for you to feel good, in mind and in body. You will also feel that this makes you more calm and relaxed. And the joy of being vigorous is great!

    Nothing more needs to be said, be reasonable and do not overtrain, that will only drain vital force because you will start spending reserves of vital energy.


    Avoid all drugs. Alcohol, drugs, nicotine and even caffeine. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Cold showers​

    Make sure to take a cold shower everyday. Apply cold water on the genitals for about five minutes everyday before you go to sleep. This will prevent wet dreams and alleviate irritation.

    Music and other powerful stimulation (games, movies)​

    Avoid it, let your brain heal in peace. Let it rest. Your brain deserves it.


    Meditate at least half an hour everyday. Relax, breath deeply and slowly. Do not get upset if you cannot quiet your mind, just do not follow your thoughts. This is incredibly refreshing and speeds up the healing process greatly.

    Hygiene and clothing​

    Make sure that you are clean and wear good clothes. They do not have to be expensive, but wearing proper clothes contributes to mental well-being.


    The melancholy can be fighted against by the help of God. Use your religion, you really need it. Believe in something. Pray. Focus. Wish to become pure and healthy, and you will.

    Social interaction​

    Try to be with friends and family as much as you can. Solitude will increase the risk of relapses.


    Try to read as much as you have time for. It is relaxing and will improve your mental stamina greatly. It will also prevent you from dwelling upon erotic objects.

    Do not worry​

    Do not worry, and do not think too much about this. You will recover, but it might take some time.

    Avoid the company of other masturbators​

    Avoid the company of other masturbators, they will encourage you to indulge in this evil habit that only serves to destroy you bit by bit.

    Always have a positive attitude​

    Good luck

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    How to avoid wet dreams: Check the threads discussing this issue or feel free to PM me.
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    Glad you're dealt with anger. And that's a great post. Thank you.
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    Thank you.

    And I almost forgot, sleep!

    Sleep at regular times and retire early (I do not follow this hehe).

    It's of uttermost importance to sleep. Do not ever go 24 hours without sleeping, that does cause much harm.
  5. Quite an excellent, complete post! Pretty general and common-sense but always good to be remembered such things.

    As a girl I'd like to add my grain of salt: iron deficiency is apparently very common in women. I just started taking iron supplements and the results are already visible. This is of course very valuable for men too.

    And about meditation, I'd like to share my views: if, like me, you're not much of a meditative person, but still would like to get the benefits from me, try to trick your mind. Use different activities that puts you into a meditative state. I'm a creative person and for me working is meditation. Working for me is drawing, painting, writing, basically any artistic task. Walking is great for this too. It also can be coupled to religion. I avoided a huge ton of relapses by immediately stepping out of my house and taking a walk while praying the Rosary. Perhaps will it inspire you!

    I tend to disagree with music as I believe that it really depends of you. It's a matter of personal choice. Classical music for example has countless proven benefits. It also calm you down an urge if chose properly. But avoiding it also can help your reboot, it's up to you!
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    As much as I disagreed with your approach in a different thread, I actually agree with about 90% of this. The delivery feels calmer - or maybe it's me who's calmer.

    I don't think people should avoid music, but I do think it's important to make wise choices with what they watch and listen to. For example; being plugged into the news 24/7 causes more distress than relaxing to Bach. I'd also be very careful with social networking and to filter out any negativity on Facebook etc. Better still if you can avoid it altogether.

    As a non-meat eater, I agree with the diet thing - but it's also possible to eat a bad vegan diet as much as it's possible to eat a (relatively) healthy omni diet. There are good carbs and bad carbs.
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    I forgot to talk about fruit, fruit should not be eaten in excesses, bananas for example, leaves a sugar like taste in my mouth. It's also up to the individual to learn what food is good for him/her.

    Complex carbohydrates, white rice is great though, in my opinion. The asians eat mostly white rice.

    And spend time on your meals, 45 minutes for each meal is 135 minutes every day. It's definitely worth it.

    About iron defiency in women on a strictly vegetarian diet: There are plenty of vegetables with lots of iron, but in some cases indeed, supplements are necessary.

    And I agree, everything that calms the mind, walks, prayer, meditation, thats great. Use it. Benefit from it.

    And all junk foods should be avoided, the whole point is to not enjoy the meals, it's only for nutrition. Not for pleasure.
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    Clarity do you follow a certain program? Do you like Mcdougall?
  9. I think that the ONLY thing we'll ALL agree about diets is the old good thing: any excess is detrimental.

    For me, the one and only advice I could give for diet is: FIND THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU. And if you don't FIND it, then MAKE it.

    I agree with being careful with social media. Giving up my smartphone for a super cheap one was one of the greatest decisions of my entire life. I'm never going back to it. And quitting Facebook was another amazing one for a billion reasons. Overall reducing time on social media can (but not necessarily eh) increase the time spent on more productive activities. It also can help a great deal to reduce procrastination.

    In anyway, one of the things I noticed is that the healthier you become, then the healthier you become. It's a shift of point of view. I like this sentence: "train like an athlete, eat like an athlete". In a recent book I've devoured, Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field, she says that the two Golden Rules in life are: 1. DRINK MORE WATER 2. EAT LESS CRAP. That's pretty much my new life motto. When you start properly exercising and caring for your health, you naturally crave for "better" food. Instead of seeing like "I need to eat a good diet SO I could exercise well", you propose to see it as "I will exercise first, make it my new life, and then my body will naturally crave good food". It sounds so relevant. I don't know who would try super hard for afterwards screw all efforts by eating bad. Focusing on exercising relieves the annoyance of having to focus both because first on nutrition then exercise.

    Can I add some sentences that helped me a lot to your thread Clumsy? I think it would be great if we could make a "masterpost" of all life-improvement stuff. It also could make the forum's browsing easier.
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    I don't really know anything about McDougall - I'll google him and see.

    My diet (when I get it right) is mostly raw and fresh. I've experimented with a modified version of paleo eating and also "801010", but I'm so accustomed to this lifestyle that my diet is pretty instinctive now. If I'm feeling good about myself I instinctively want healthier foods, if I feel crap I'll eat crap.

    I find that if I want to maintain my weight then it's easier if I cut out white carbs (or carbs that can be turned white), so no wheat, no sugar, no potatoes, no rice (unless its wild rice). However, I still aim for a relatively high carb diet as I feel lethargic without it.

    I have no issues with consuming a lot of fruit as our earliest ancestors were most likely frugivores. Vegetable juicing is a great way of delivering nutrients too.

    You're not quite right about the B12 - the reason it occurs in animal products is that animals don't wash their food. It's actually bacteria that occurs naturally, and so it is possible to get it if we eat unwashed organic vegetables. I supplement B12 as a matter of caution - I don't consume any animal products at all.

    I have not had a cold since I gave up dairy (10 years after I gave up meat) and I used to get them all the time.

    That being said, I don't always get it right - sometimes, if under stress I'll lean towards snacking and junk, especially as I love social eating - but I'm hoping that this current change of lifestyle will help me to be more focused.
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    You're more than welcome to add whatever you like.

    Feeling crap -> Craving bad foods. The mind is sore and wants a dopamine shot.

    I must go to sleep now.
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    Mcdougall is the damn guru of vegan world. Interesting that vegetarian diet improved your immune system, a lot of people report the same.

    And you're also right about the vegetables. See "too much cleanliness". But, as you said, best to supplement. It takes years to get defiency of b12 though, since its stored in the body in huge amounts, we need very little of it.

    Our ancestors ate lots of fruit yes, but for me it's too sweet. But a couple of fruits every week - no problem.

    Carbs usually not a problem for me if I avoid fat. It's hard to gain weight on only fat, and its hard to gain weight on only carbohydrate. Obesity is more likely the combining of the two. We cannot combine huge amounts of fat with carbohydrate - easy to gain weight that way, and could be good too, if you want to gain muscle.

    But I don't think modern man is meant to be a muscle package. I prefer a clear mind.
  13. Some general quotes that changed my life (thank you Mom and Aunt J.!) and that might inspire you too(disclaimer: beware; not applicable to wet dreams and PMO XD):

    • Don't dream about it. Work for it.

    • What's done's not to do anymore.

    • To ask yourself the question is to answer it.

    • Eat like an athlete, train like an athlete.

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