The Revengers

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    Before the Universe began, six singularities existed. Sometime after the universe exploded into existence, these were formed into the six Infinity Stones by the cosmic entities. Each stone represented a different aspect of the universe : Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul, and Time.

    Thanos successfully collected all of them, he used their phenomenal powers to annihilate half of all living creatures in the universe. He later uses the stones' power to reduce them to atoms, as to prevent his work from being undone and to keep himself or anyone else from abusing their power.
    Five years later, the Avengers traveled back in time to retrieve the stones from alternate timelines in order to undo Thanos' act of mass genocide. After the Battle of Earth, Captain America returned the stones to their proper place in time to prevent any alternate branch timelines from forming.

    However, a new enemy has risen against humanity : PMO

    It is the strongest enemy we have seen until now and has already annihilated majority of the universe. The best we can do now is save what remains of our universe and try to turn around the destruction caused by PMO.
    For this, the infinity stones need to be bought back together yet again. There is only one problem : THERE ARE NO AVENGERS THIS TIME.

    After years of absolute monarchy by PMO, when everything was thought to be over, a small group called The Revengers decide to rise up against it.

    This group has given the universe something that it hadn't had in a long time : HOPE.

    You will be required to collect the infinity stones and use them with the infinity
    gauntlet to wield the power of the stones.
    You will be sent to The Revengers training centre where you will be told the locations of the stones, trained how to use these stones and how PMO might try to attack you while you are collecting the stones.

    1) 0-3 days : The Revengers training centre (level 1)

    Here, you will be trained to fight the tricks used by PMO to lure you into a trap.


    2) 4-7 days : The Revengers training centre (level 2)

    Here, you shall further extend your knowledge about the power of infinity stones and their locations.


    3) 8-12 days : The Revengers weapons access

    You shall be given access to weapons created by S.H.I.E.L.D using the power of the tesseract to fight the sudden attacks by PMO.


    4) 13-18 days : The Revengers recruitment procedure

    Here, your knowledge, willpower and skill shall be put to test by putting you through excruciatingly painful but necessary processes.

    5) 19-24 days : The Revengers formation

    Once the recruitment procedure is done, the selected Revengers shall be bought together at one location on a now overtaken earth.


    6) 25-30 days : The Space stone

    Collect the space stone


    7) 31-40 days : The Reality stone

    Collect the reality stone


    8) 41-50 days : The Power stone

    Collect the power stone


    8) 51-60 days : The Soul stone

    Collect the soul stone


    9) 61-70 days : The Mind stone

    Collect the mind stone


    10) 71-80 days : The Time stone

    Collect the time stone


    11) 81-100 days : Training to control the power of the stones


    12) 101-120 days : The Infinity Gauntlet


    13) 120+ days: The war


    Current Revengers :



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