The rise of choking

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by e123, Jul 25, 2019.

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    P is getting more violent and more controversial (promoting incest and other disturbing acts). It does three terrible things:

    1. It keeps you coming back for more since it continuously elevates your addiction by helping you develop an attraction to newer material.

    2. It harms your sex life by giving you expectations that are unlikely to be met outside of the P world (i.e. "my favorite P performers enjoy getting choked, why don't you?")

    3. It creates violent desires in some men who are easily influenced by media (studies have shown that violent P is linked to certain sex crimes).

    The people who create these films with these types of scenarios know what they are doing but they choose to produce it anyways. It is up to us to reject it.
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  3. Choking is an act so one can obviously stand over the other.
    For some there is even arousal in feeling the need to breath.
    I think it´s just one step closer to a totally messed up sexuality for our society.
    I´m starting to think that people need religions more.
    Just some. Basic. Morals.
    Even thats not common knowledge.
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    Light choking (no obstruction of oxygen or blood) is pretty fun. Porn messed it up by going to extremes and it's quite disturbing.
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    I think one of the things that made sex more enjoyable historically was discovering these little things yourself and between people in a relationship, this is fine. Now we're reading about people doing these things in their first sexual encounter
    with a woman. This is shocking.
    I remember, last year, I saw a trailer from a pretty mainstream site where the woman was being slapped until she was red raw. This was a mainstream video, nothing fetish. What does it say about men that this sort of thing is popular?

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