The role of technology in PMO addiction

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    Looking back from the beginning of your addiction till date, what do you think is the role of technology in making you a porn addict?

    The following:
    1. Phones
    2. Internet/world wide web
    3. Computers
    4. TV
    5. Colour printed sexy magazines

    Can you talk about how these things in technology contributed to your addiction?
    What would you have done if you knew of what technology could do to you in PMO habit from the beginning?
    Is Ditching technology essential for beating the addiction?

    Let share our experiences and help new addict fight better
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  2. IR254

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    Without technology, there is no way I would be addicted to porn today. The easy 24/7 access for free made it all possible in the first place. Combine that with a lack of information and you have a serious problem.

    I don't think so. I talked with a lot of sucessfully recovered addicts, who still used technology a lot. So it's possible to do it for sure.
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  3. JAEV

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    This is actually something iv been thinking about as iv started my journey to beat this addiction. I spent a few days writing out my back story (which I posted in my journal). Certainly technology has had a big hand in shaping my addiction. I was certainly addicted to M before technology became a factor but when I got my first camera phone, the sudden easy availability of pictures certainly marked the beginning of big increase in how often I was M and the nature of it.
    Later in my life the discovery of P on the internet, a never ending and easy to access supply, especially for me via my smart phone, again looking back marked a big change in the severity of my addiction.

    As I said, I was addicted to M before technology played a part, however I can say without a doubt that technology, for me particularly phones, has played a huge role in not just maintaining my addiction but a steady worsening of it.
    I personally don’t think however that ditching technology is essential for beating the addiction.

    Firstly it’s not practical, unless your going to move into complete isolation from society, technology is everywhere and has become an intrinsic part of society. You can’t hide from it.

    Secondly, I think that ditching technology would not be dealing with the addiction directly. For example it’s like cleaning up the blood but not stitching the wound.

    Having said that, I certainly feel it’s something we need to deal with if it’s an integral part of our addiction. I don’t know the answer, iv I only just started this journey my self but from what iv read so far here and on the rest of the internet, things like limiting our access or the times of our access to technology and accountability partners could be very helpful.
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  4. Technology is the sole reason the majority of us excluding older guys who grew up with the mags and whatnot are on here.
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  5. bken

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    Yes I remember the day we were using a friend's parents' computer to wait on a single pic for like 5 minutes as his parents were out doing groceries and stuff. Back then simple pics still gave me really healthy boners. In that moment we could only dream of high speed internet porn. Looking back I'd probably pull the plug and run as far away as possible, but honestly technology doesn't desevere all the shaming. Computers are the metaphorical two edged sword.
    There is something nostalgic about magazines with only girls in them I can't really put my finger on, I should have only used those for the sake of me but unfortunately they really do feed the desire for more exciting novelty, i.e. porn (which unfortunately became an option around that time).
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  6. Mobiles+Internet+young age=doomsday
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  7. alexg1709

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    I believe I started with PMO watching those Vcr tapes like like 28 years ago. As the tech improved it became more and more easily accessible and it's just fueled my addiction.

    I do believe we need the tech to live a normal life in the current society however. I also feel that easy accessibility has made things worse for myself and lots of other P addicts.

    These forums and the success stories inspire me to beat this addiction. And the technology plays a role here too as currently I am typing of my cell phone
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