The Science Behind Libido (No B/S)

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    Hi All,

    After experimenting with sexual desire and profiling of different hormones for a long time, finding information which absolutely puts everything into perspective can be mind blowing.

    I'll start by saying what you hear from 90% of sources are just plain ignorant. Testosterone this, testosterone that bla bla bla.

    My findings have found that although testoerone is incredibly important, what drives libido and sexual confidence in both males and females is it's derivative Estradiol (E2).

    Those that are struggling with lack of libido and who find it regular that they only require monthly sexual activity will find they have a low aromatisation rate. I will post the link to a genuine study carried out in 2016, which proves this in aromatisation deficit males. They are given Estradiol (E2), and they're sexual activity and libido returns to tremendous levels, as concluded in the study.

    What I have found is that there are a certain number of things which decrease aromatisation rate, one of the biggest culprits is caffeine. Caffeine has the ability to significantly lower estradiol levels.

    Estradiol has also been proven to increase brain function and also have regenerative effects on those with Parkinson's and early onset dementia.

    Prolactin from orgasm also inhibits aromatisation, be careful!

    I have also found there are a certain number of things you can do to maximise aromatisation, which I will bullet point below:

    - Quitting Caffeine
    - Cardiovascular Exercise
    - Ingest Real Glucose (No Sweeteners)
    - Keep Dietary Fats Medium/High
    - Daily Fasting (The Best Factor IMO)
    - Rest, don't overdo things!
    - Nofap (Lowers Prolactin Release)

    Estradiol in abundance can feminise a male, there's no doubt, but it is proven that it is the driving force in libido, according to the given study. There are many studies which show testosterone treatment alone does not affect libido and sexual activity.

    Don't blame Estradiol, it is not your enemy.

    The link to the study can be found below, take a read, you may surprise yourself!

    The forum won't let me post a link, so go onto Google and type in 'Estradiol Libido'.

    It is the first link up there.
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    "Estradiol in abundance can feminise a male, there's no doubt, but it is proven that it is the driving force in libido, "

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    Sources not actually referenced.
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    Okay I have made a estradiol test where the normal levels for a man is 1,0 to 5,0 and my value came at 0,20 and also I drink a lot of caffeine. Maybe its just coincidence but I will consider now.

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