The second leg of the journey 200 who's counting days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by annon, Sep 25, 2015.

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    The first leg of the journey can be read here:

    I initially targeted 180 days and I'm way passed that. Got to a point that I'm not even counting. I'm so busy with my day to day life that I have hardly time to turn my computer on.

    Things that have changed. The business that I've mentioned that I gonna start, well that's up and running we just finishing the hiring process this week. We have 2 employees.

    Also we're eyeing a second business in agriculture. As i mentioned I'm busy like hell. Thanks to all the extra energy that I can get from not PMO-ing i can handle this with ease.

    My gf is away for almost 4 months, 3 more to go. Need to setup the businesses in this time so when she gets back I can divide my time more efficiently between her and other things.

    That 1-2 month pause didn't happen, which is great.

    Summer has passed and I was busy so I didn't have time for porn. It is really good to find out your triggers so you can avoid them.

    The future will be hard, but if would be easy I might not enjoy it as much.
    All the best for everyone.
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    Hey man!

    That's a great accomplishment, 211 days! Sincere congrats, man!
    I can see this long streak is givin you great results! Well, keep this energy for making your business more and more productive! and good luck for businesses and relationship!
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    Staying busy is a plus. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

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