The secret to be a great lover

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by modern milarepa, May 20, 2021.

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    I consider myself a great lover, since the first time I had sex I was good at it. All the girls I had sex have told me how surprised they are after having sex with me, they had many orgasms and felt things they never felt before. Also the way I make love is very diffent from any other man.

    I'm continuously improving and experimenting and adding new techniques to my repertoire.

    First to be a great lover you need a strong and lasting erection and be able to control your ejaculation the desire to ejaculate has to be minimal or non-existent. This two are the basis for being a great lover, without them you are doome to fail. Having stamina it's also a great help, flexibility too.

    The other thing you need is connecting sex to health, sex is for making babies, showing your love to your couple and for pleasure. But the key is to correlate sex with health, the only way to do this is in men to never ejaculate when having sex if you don't ejaculate you end up after sex with more strenght, happiness, mental clarity, improved sleep, better skin and also extra energy you absorb from your female partner.

    After you have all these things you can focus on different techniques for giving a girl an orgasm, you can start to experiment, creating your own poses and ways to satisfy your girl, also you learn to have internal multiorgasms which feel 10 times better than a regular ejaculation.

    Conclusion: the key to be great in sex it's to never ejaculate.
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    I think tomorrow if I have time or the weekend I'm going to make a thread about my favorite techniques to control ejaculation if anyone is interested.

    It's something I get asked a lot so I better put a very organized thread explaining how it's done.

    Also I'm going to make a thread about PE and another one about ED.

    If you have any suggestions about what thread topic I should write you let me know. If you have questions I'm glad to answer too.
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    You are right. At least I can say about myself that when I am imagining having sex with a girl, I am always thinking about my orgasm. Giving pleasure to a women is not a problem but I always focused on my orgasm as well.

    Having erection for long is an issue for me. I guess I need to rewire my thoughts around it
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    I gotta practice. I tried not to ejaculate , but then strokes felt too good. Even when I pulled out and waited , as soon as I put it back in , that pleasure returned.
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    It's not that hard right. I believe lmost any man can give a girl an orgasm it's not that special. Sex it's one of the most fun parts of a relationships
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    Yeah, experiment non ejaculatory sex, it feels better than an orgasm, also sex last longer so you enjoy more.

    When you adquire some skill at non ejaculatory sex you learn to move the orgasm inside your body instead of outside. It's a multiorgasm, it feels amazing
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  7. Another day in the life of a man that is good at sex. Thanks for the tips bruv
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    Friendly reminder you promised me to share your techniques :p
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    Yes, I don't forget
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    That's awesome!

    Will you share your secret in this thread? Anyway, @'ing me will be appreciated.
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    Eagerly waiting for that monk.
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    Show us the goodies
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    Chad Thundercock manual on how to bring the Thunder.
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