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    So, to reinforce why I want to quit, I listen to and read a lot of material about ex-P performers and ex-sex workers leaving the sex industry and saying how bad it is, how its intrinsically tied to trafficking etc. One thing I've learned from spending time on these boards is how the sex industry is warping male sexuality. How access to escorts is allowing men that need help to go deeper and deeper into really bad places mentally.

    I got into a discussion on a feminist page of Facebook with some sex workers and I wanted to understand their point of view. My thoughts were that sex work is the ultimate form of patriarchy because a woman is reduced to an object for consumption. And as a feminist, you can't be against men being b*stards if you're going to then provide a service for those same b*stard men who will then continue with their misogynist worldview. We all know what kind of men P and escorting turns men into and it ain't nice. Their arguments were that SW is the ultimate liberation because they're consensually using their bodies to make money from men etc. And if it's ok to pay for a massage or any other service, what's wrong with paying for sex?

    I like to think that I'm a feminist and that I support choice and freedom. But is sex work, whether in P, escorting, camming etc really a free choice? I've read so many horror stories about the sex industry that I think the Nordic model is probably the only workable model. But are there other ways of dealing with this? Should society accept P and escorting as something that will just happen anyway? What other positions can there be on this matter? I wanted to open this discussion to anyone of all views, there's no right or wrong answer, I'm just trying to figure things out.
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    I agree 100% with you on this:
    Be careful though, it is so easy to get consumed by these debates (I often do). The result is that I have spent a lot of time thinking about prostitution. I can justify that as recovery work as it is helping to strengthen my resolve to have nothing to do with the sex trade and to stay away from porn; but perhaps as a recovering porn addict I should spend my time thinking about something else entirely.
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