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    I'm an entirely different person now. Guys, I'm not joking around, i did these no faps a gew times ago also but i did not notice any big behavioural changes until now. Its only been 2 weeks but i feel like a king now literally. I used to be a kinda shy person but now shyness, fear are all off my dictionary! . I mean now i would even give off a great speech at white house. And everybody at my college is talking about my change. And people are liking me for it. I've never had this kinda confidence my whole life. Guys i think the thing i did differently this time is that "i stopped thinking about sex". I'm not sure if it's the exact reason for my change but i think it is.And if anybody else had seen this kind of a change please share it with me, because i want to stay this way.
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    Simple thought but the most difficult to do
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  3. well done dude
    what have you done that you think has made you succesful at nofap?

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