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  1. I can't be the only person who reads extensively on NoFap from a religious point of view... I'd like to share some links with extensive resources for those approaching abstention, retention and/or transmutation by way of spirit.
    I'd love to expand my bookmark collection with your own personal favourites, so please share away.

    Unfortunately a lot of these texts are aimed at men and are admittedly quite sexist in parts, but if you are able to auto-translate man to woman, and substitute the appropriate body parts mentioned, the essence is precisely the same for everybody.

    A collection of texts on Christian monasticism and yoga, including many resources on scripture and celibacy.

    A massive library of spiritual and philosophical texts on the subject of celibacy, not just from religious figures but many other notable historic figures. Bonus shoutouts to NoFap on this page.

    "The Library Of Christian Classics Volume XII: Western Asceticism" - available online, in pdf and all major e-book formats.

    Biblical references to celibacy. Personal opinion here, but I'm of the belief that Christ was a celibate mendicant, and promoted this lifestyle. Given the difficulty of adhering to that path, that part of his message has been obfuscated and diminished over the generations.

    Avalon Library - a ridiculously large repository of PDFs covering every aspect of spirituality and theosophy. Too large to even scratch the surface in a short description.

    Collection of texts from the Eastern Orthodox perspective and the practice of hesychasm- inner silence, the prayer of the heart and striving for union with God.

    A collection of articles, quotes and meditations from the Desert Fathers and Eastern Orthodox monasticism.

    Enjoy! I'm looking forward to reading that which inspires you all :)

    EDIT: Soooo... I just read the rules for this sub-forum. Crap. Is there anywhere in-forum that this thread can be moved to? Off-topic? Sandbox? Thread purgatory? I find the group format to be way too clunky and restrictive for threads such as this.

    I hope we can find some compromise as I respect the largely secular nature of the forum but still... I feel that the bulk of literature on this topic is religious in nature, spans thousands of years and could be of benefit even to the atheist, as most of the NoFap 101 questions are covered more than satisfactorily in these texts, and more often than not in quite a practical way. I dare not incur the wrath of Mod, that wouldn't be fun.
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    Awesome collections, look forward to dive on it :)
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